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The library has been split into bits to make it a little easier for you to find your way about. Just click on the button of your choice to go to the section that you want.

CAPOW library The CAPOW Library

This is a mirror of the CAPOW library (I used to run the original, but this is a later version). If you want the latest version, you need to go to the Official Site. This library no longer takes new admissions. Please note that the older version of this library is still available.


I have written a couple of "frequently asked question" lists (FAQ's) in my time. This is where to find them.

Fanfics Fanfics

The first fanfic is now online. See what you think! (Be gentle, It's my first time!!!)

Other stuff Other stuff

This is where I stick anything else that doesn't have a home in the other sections. Don't forget to try out my "Gripe" site at for my moans and groans!

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The library has moved and no longer accepts story submissions to this site except if the user requires specific HTML services. Where this is the case, please submit as plain text ONLY to chika at the usual address. The completed code will be returned as soon as the coding is completed.

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