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OK, so there isn't much here right now. Considering how long I have been into anime generally, it even surprises me how long it has taken to make a start on any fanfic writing!

Just a quick note about how this page is organised. Each fic (and yes, I fully intend to write more!) is available in text (67 column format). The PDF versions do look nicer, but because of limitations on my site now in force, I can't hold it all online, so if you want to see the full PDF version, please email me. The text versions will usually be taken directly from my fair copy but, since I tend to use RISC OS for all my computer needs, DOS/Windoze users should avoid using Notepad to read with. Use Wordpad or PFE or something like that instead. Unix/Linux and Apple users should be OK.

Where one appears, make sure that you read the legal notice. All stories that appear on this page are the property of the writer, but the use of characters is subject to the legal notice.

Title & author Type Lemon PDF version Text version Fan pix
How Key Did It
Chris "Chika" Johnson

A silly short fic about how Key actually made her friends. Featuring Ayanami and Lain.

No - Text version
I suspect that somebody had this idea before, but I had to do it. Yes, I dood it!!!
Title & author Type Lemon PDF version Text version Fan pix
At The Beach
Chris "Chika" Johnson

Legal notice

Based on Ranma ½ by Rumiko Takahashi

The Tendo and Saotomes' find a secluded (and cheap) holiday resort, then Kasume, followed by Akane and Ranma, fall prey to a curse that traps them in the sea...

Third draft version now online

Mild Sorry. No longer available. Part 1: The Way In
Holidays in run down resorts can have surprising results...

Part 2: Finding the Way Back
How do you get home when you don't have any legs?

Part 3: What About the Arts?
Even when underwater it is still possible to find a martial artist or three...

Part 4: Overdosing on Fish
In a fight, sometimes you have to use whatever you have to hand...

Part 5: Sacrifices
More changes and leavetakings, and Kuno and Ryoga see too much...
Akane the Mermaid
The original cover graphic drawn by Rumiko Takahashi, coloured and touched up by yours truly
Mermaid Ranma
This was sent to me by... well he wants to remain anonymous... after he read the second draft of the fic. You can find more art by the original artist, Valerie A. Ryan, at Naturally enough, she has full rights on this pic. You have been warned!

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