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Updated 30-Dec-2002



Manga Manga Video Dubs to cringe to... (UK site now part of main US operation, releases through Palm Pictures) Pioneer Pioneer LDCE Home of Tenchi and others... (though no longer in the UK)
ADVUK AD Vision (UK) As advertised, the ADV site for us Brits... Kiseki Kiseki Films (No link currently known)


AnimEigo AnimEigo AE now   American home of the Knight Sabers, Lum and others... Viz Viz Ranma is here, as well as a number of other Takahashi titles and stuff. None of it is available outside the US (thanks tons!) :(
Manga Manga US Mangle's Merkan cousin, formerly LA Hero... US Manga Corps US Manga Corps Where Ako was, where Iria now is...
ADV AD Vision (US) And they're here too! Antarctic Antartic Press Ummm, I collect Fantastic Panic, ya know... (Well, I used to!)
Dark Horse Dark Horse Comics Another good manga publisher Software Sculptors Software Sculptors 101 screensavers and a few animes too...
pioneer Pioneer LDCA The functional US operation, now they have bailed out of the UK... Right Stuf Right Stuf International A dead link now...

Anime reference sites

Britanime Britanime The anime online mag and a good source of UK trivia Animejin Animejin A good site for current press releases in the UK and other bits.

Anime related sites

Emikos Genesis Emiko's Genesis Emiko, Mai and everyone else... (Currently a dead link) Tomobiki-cho Tomobiki-cho The site no self-respecting Lum addict would be without! Dead link

CAPOW related links

CAPOW CAPOW Home page What's it all about? Anne CRAWLSPACE!!! The flipside of Hammerspace Link updated
Wthrwyz Wthrwyz's Ranma 1/2 Page Loads of Ranma stuff Ryan Ryan's Anime Review Including Ryans' reviews with added venom!
Ace Ace's Crash Pad ...and Gremlin Trouble website (Dead link)

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