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NTSC tape playback FAQ

This was prompted as a result of a lot of repeated requests for information on how a UK fan would play back a US anime. It goes just as well for any tape, though! Note that I don't answer queries, so if you are somewhat confused even after reading this, give the Usenet groups a go. The FAQ is not machine specific and does not cover DVD's.

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AcornICQ Manual (Old version)

I have now removed this entirely as the version of AcornICQ it covers is out of date. You should try going to Paul Vigays' site,, where there is plenty of information on this and other Acorn programs.

Oregano Web Browser: A New Users' Guide

This is a guide on the bugs and extra bits on Oregano that are not otherwise documented. Note that you Microsoft folk need not bother since Oregano is a RiscOS program.

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