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Hello, folk, and welcome to the library. Well... yes, it is the original library, but I am no longer updating it (since all new stories are now being sent to the new library). The active library has now shifted to the CAPOW home site, over at Most of these stories were added when this was the live site but can also be seen at the main site. If you have any problems getting to the new site and the story does not appear here, give Miyuki a quick nudge and we'll see what we can do. (Note that if you don't know the address to give Miyuki a nudge, then you will need to go to the CAPOW website shown above and get it. I've had enough spam!)

You may notice that I have started converting the stories to PDF format. This is just to neaten up the stories and, in some cases, to reduce the code in use. If you have problems reading these, please let me know via the CAPOW home page.


text mark   Stories marked with this symbol are pre-formatted text set for 1024x768 and higher screens. While they can be read at lower resolutions, a certain amount of sideways scrolling may be required.

PDF mark   Stories marked with this symbol are presented in Portable Document Format (PDF) and should be viewed using a suitable PDF reader. The figure shown immediately following the symbol is the file length in kilobytes. PC, Apple and Linux/Unix users should try the Adobe website for a free reader, while Acorn/RISC OS users should try finding the current PDF reader or go to Cerilica to see about a copy of RiScript.

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