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The whole "Hemhemballz" saga has now been moved to another site. See my "Gripeline" site at

A Farolian Farewell

WTF is this? Ah, that would be telling. At present it is unfinished, but I get to do bits every so often. It all surrounds a planet called Farol... well, read on and find out! I first started this around fifteen years ago, and there's plenty more to come that I just haven't typed up yet. If you like it, I might just accelerate my typing (from a current virtual zero!)

Introduction/first page
War Cyborgs
In A Red Sky
A Piper's Quest (Excerpt)
F127179 (Sampa to my friends...)
The Seventh Chamber (Excerpt)
Yoprin and Janiffa
Thought Scans

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