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Zeoraima - Project Hades

Basic exposition about the history of the Steel Dragon Society and the theft of a large robot called Zeoraima (at least that is the UK version of the name... see later!!) which was supposed to be used in the construction of Hades. It is now in the hands of the good guys (natch!) and its pilot, who does not realise at first who or what he is, is brought in under suspicious circumstances to fight the Hakkushu who want their big mecha back!

This is a typical Artmic job including a rather cute girl, a rather wimpy boy (the pilots) and some overacting people as bad guys. Seemed like a cross between The Guyver and Giant Robo in places, though it beats out Robo easily, and has a certain parallel with Evangelion, though that series has been handled far better than this cut up parody. However, for all that, it seemed OK, with two episodes per tape, although the plot exposition was nearly as bad in places as The Dark Myth! The second tape reveals the nature of the creator of the Zeoraima and the Steel Dragon Society, and by this time you start wondering who the enemy really is. Interesting twist to the end...

The biggest laugh was the name. By spelling it "Zeoraima", they have stuck fairly closely to how it would be romanized normally, but leaves it open to a number of interpretations. In the first tape of the series, therefore, I heard the mecha called "Zeo-ray-mer", "Zeorhymer" and on one occasion "Zyoraima"!! Talk about bad continuity!! Other than that, the dub was standard Mangle and the two episodes were tolerable, though it was obvious that some chops were made to get the episodes to "flow" together, a pointless exercise first seen when Mangle spliced 3x3 Eyes some four or so years ago. Some people never learn!!

[3 stars]

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