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The Dark Myth

This recounts the story of Takahashi (no relation) and his collection of snake marks. On collecting eight of these marks, it is said, he will become either the ruler of the universe or the saviour of all mankind.

The story in part one finished with Takahashi being followed off into the wild by the "hungry ghosts" (shades of The Laughing Target?), supposed immortal beasts once human. Giving chase is Kikuchihiko and his merry band, whose number decreases every time he tries to interfere, and Takeuchi, a mysterious old man who knows more than he lets on. In the second episode, Takehashi is introduced to a lady in an egg who seems to go to pieces over a mirror, and eventually finds out Kikuchihiko's dark secret, one that will affect his decision in the future.

Very wordy. This story comes of the same legend that fuelled Shirow's Orion which also got wordy. While Orion was saved by a sprinkling of humour, The Dark Myth is very dry and will only appeal to people with insatiable needs for facts and figures; bean counters. Overall, the animation was plain, the story over-elaborate, the action lacking and the charas two-dimentional and dull.

[2 stars]

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