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VHSDD/001S Sub

Cert  PG

Debutante Detective Corps

Um... what to say about this...

The blurb on the cover says " one puts the hits on these Misses". That about sums it up, really. Kimiko, Miyuki, Youko, Reika and Nina are very rich, very beautiful young girls who have been threatened with murder. They then proceed to foil the plot. It's a simple plot line really, and there you have it! It's more of an image anime than a serious attempt at any sort of story... worrying really!

The anime is 30 minutes, making it very expensive if you don't enjoy wasting your money, and the first section reminds me of the review I wrote last year on Hannappe Bazooka, namely HOOTERS! Furthermore, the cheesiness of the plot, what there was of it, combined with the outrageous purloining of chara definitions from other anime (for example, Reika = A-ko + Shampoo (Project A-ko, Ranma 1/2)) makes for a third rate feature which would only appeal to the completists out there. ADV have seriously goofed with this one... oh well, they should be releasing the next volume of Evangelion next! *sigh*

[1 star]

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