Lurkers' Retreat
ADV Films UK
VHSHB/001 Dub

Cert  18

Hanappe Bazooka

"A Chronic Under-Achiever, Utterly Overwhelmed by Outrageous Invaders from Another Dimension". Sounds familiar? Actually, what comes from the other dimension isn't a sex-bomb alien with the hots for him but a couple of demons who bestow some powers on him, and do a little extra-curricular human relationship research on the side! It's a Go Nagai title, folks...

...was typical Go Nagai. In fact, you could say that this is what might have been had Nagai been asked to recount the tale of Urusei Yatsura. Those of you that are familiar with Devilman will probably be familiar with the kind of demons that Nagai inflicts on Hanappe, who is best described as Ataru the Devilman, for want of a better description. In fact, even Moroboshi wasn't this much of a wimp! In the process of the whole story, the two demons, mostly referred to as Bazooka and Dance, try to introduce Hanappe to a few facts that he isn't too keen on hearing.

First of all, I have just one thing to say about this; Go Nagai + ADV =


Having said that, and all that implies, this is not what I could call a real blockbuster of an anime. Its similarities with UY make it too derivative, though it could be developed away from that with some effort. Some of the plot devices were somewhat pointless, including the index finger spiel, though the timing of the full size to SD is nearly as effective as Dragon Half. Some of the opening sequences also smacked of Ultimate Teacher sans Ganbachi, which does not bode well should the teenage love theme be pursued with any vigour. In the end, I'd say watch it if you are into Nagai, watch it if you want a laugh and don't care how you get it, but classic material it ain't. And don't forget about the hooters.

[3 stars]

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