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Legend of Crystania

Another one of those group quest things. It starts when a prince, driven out of his home when a shift of power takes the life of his parents, and gathered together with a group including an inquisitive wizard, a loyal retainer, a beloved horse, a stolid swordsman and his somewhat cute sidekick and a priestess, all end up being drawn into the land of Crystania, a land dominated by gods and their followers, the head of which is one god who happens to be lodging in a human body. Add some shape shifting and a token elf maiden and you have the Crystania film, about an hour and a half of pure adventure escapism.

Any similarity to Record of Lodoss War is purely coincidental, I suspect, but sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that the two were sprung from the same place. Possibly they were, given the similarity between this setup and various role-play games I have run across. Indeed, if RPG is your fancy, you may delight in this and Lodoss, maybe even get a few ideas, and certainly our old buddy the beat-em-up addict will not be too disappointed though the fights are not a strong point, nor are they really meant to be. The story is reasonable, though I'm left feeling that a sequel is not just a possibility but necessary to resolve some of the storylines that seemed to be left hanging, for example Lord Havens' untimely death and the fate of his lands and subjects. Overall, however, it is watchable, if a little rough around the edges.

[4 stars]

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