Lurkers' Retreat
Pioneer/ USMC
1: PIO 10037
2: PIO 10038
3: PIO 10039
4: PIO 10040
5: PIO 10041
6: PIO 10042
All dub

Cert  12
except 4: PG

Box: ID4411CTDVD
Region: 1

Cert  US

Record of Lodoss War

1998 sees Pioneer augmenting its own releases with some titles from elsewhere in the US market. In this case, it is the USMC dub of Record of Lodoss War, a story of six questing heroes trying to stop evil forces overrunning Lodoss, an island formed (as each episode starts off by saying) as a byblow of a terrific fight between two powerful goddesses. The group is very reminiscent of the group that left Rivendell in Lord of the Rings, right down to Ghim the Dwarf and Deedlit, a rather forward female elf who seems to have a crush on Parn, who seems to be the lead chara. Indeed the whole series has a Tolkien feel to it, mixed liberally with touches of warring nation stories that reminds me of El Hazard, though nowhere near as camp.

Difficult to judge this at the moment, though the out of step first episode did bug me somewhat. It is coming together though as I write this (which is at the point of watching volume 3), though it was easily misjudged by the first tape, hence the delay in my writing this. I can't say that it is a favourite, any more than I can say that Deed is cuter than several other female leads, but I can't criticise it much. I suppose the most I could get it for is for being a little too derivative in places, but other than that, I liked it!

I added the US release DVDs later on in the form of the box set which USMC put out shortly after the series was completed in the UK. As with many of the CPM/USMC releases on DVD, I had some niggles, especially with reference to the choice of credits and, more particularly, to the sluggishness of the navigation, but the series itself is certainly worth the effort of finding.

[5 stars]

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