Lurkers' Retreat
Kiseki Films

Kiseki Films
1: KIS 93058
2: KIS 93060
3: KIS 93061

Episodes 1 & 3

Episode 2

Battle Skipper

Welcome to St. Ignacio School for Girls... actually it doesn't say an awful lot on the cover apart from explaining that the girls in this school seem to have somewhat high-powered extra-curricular activities...

I guess you could say that this was a cross between Plastic Little, Debutante Detective Corps and Samurai Pizza Cats, since the whole thing hinges on good and evil each occupying the same school. Certainly this had good animation and the dub was reasonable, with the five heroines, the two founders along with the three newbies that fall into the initial escapade by accident (well more noseyness than enything else) each being what you could call cute. However, this looks a lot like an anime version of a sentai, so though fight action will be included, it is hardly one for the beat em up brigade. Oh and the music has one fan at least. I played one of the tracks (the one used during the Debutante Club address) to a friend of mine as we headed up the motorway to Mildenhall and he doubled over with laughter! Strange guy...

Overall, it didn't suck. It showed promise, being infinitely better than the dire Debutante Detective Corps. Not one for the beat em up fans (go watch some Mangle Videos if you want that!) but it is fairly balanced between kawaii, comedy and action and could appeal fairly widely if given a chance.

[3 stars]

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