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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/26 Sunday, August 15, 2004
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BriSCA F2 Stock Cars World Semi-Finals
Group A Hot Rods Groom Motorsport Millennium Trophy
Mk. III Granada Bangers
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BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
With both semi-finals for the BriSCA F2 World Championship being held at the same circuit this year, Arena Essex saw more F2 Stock Cars on August 15 than before as the top ranking drivers competed for the right to race for the title at Barford in September.

Qualifiers trophy

Defending champion Barry Goldin was well placed to retain his title as he started the first semi-final outside Mick Sworder on the first row, and this was a chance to see the pair of them, both with past track championship titles, fight it out. Indeed it seemed that the cars leading this first race were mainly those with past Arena experience, Goldin grabbing the lead from the start and pulling well away from Sworder, Dave Luscombe in third while Daz Kitson managed a good race from the very back of the field to get fourth place. The second semi-final, however, was a little less straighforward as Gary Coffey and Mark Simpson tangled on the pit bend, leading to a complete restart as Coffey's car refused to start and Coffey himself needed some attention. On both starts, Gordon Moody started off well, but the second start was the important one as he and Bill Batten broke away from the pack, Batten using his knowledge of the circuit to get the lead. Tom Smarts' car also left its mark on the race by leaving an oil slick around the pit bend, slowing the race down and leaving more than one car ending up facing the wrong way. There were no further changes at the front, however, with the West Country ace Batten taking the second semi-final ahead of Moody with James Thackra in third. Post meeting scruntineering turned up nothing suspicious, so we have to makings of an interesting battle to come in the final.

SF 1 Grid

  Inside   Outside
152 Mick Sworder 401 Barry Goldin
154 Steve Green Jr. 559 Bert Finnikin
642 Dave Luscombe 905 Rob Mitchell
13 Andy Ford 103 Carl Isset
291 Craig Tomblin 676 Neil Hooper
315 Justin Fisher 717 Mike James
469 Ian Chalkley 82 Keith Brown
254 Richard Beere 15 Steve Green
128 Brian Stephen 130 Daniel Ford
309 Brian Forrest 890 Pete Rice
290 James Waterfall 606 Andrew Palmer
881 Sean Ward 731 Dave Ruby
732 Daz Kitson

SF 2 Grid

  Inside   Outside
901 Ian Thompson Jr. 79 Gordon Moodie
167 Bill Batten 69 Stewart Chalkley
170 Mark Helliwell 265 Bart Stephen
134 Andy Maynard 833 Rob Kaye
721 Graham Kelly 713 Martin Ford
111 Lewis Geach 871 Mark Simpson
744 Tom Smart 647 Chris Burgoyne
176 Gary Coffey 371 Peter Wright
49 John Davies 210 Chris Lindsay
781 Simon Walker 725 Paul Broatch
339 Stuart Kelly 667 Tim Farrell
324 James Thackra 702 Allen Cooper
925 Paul Wilson

In the support races, Matt Linfield won a somewhat delayed first race, held up early on as Chris Mykulla lost a wheel on a circuit that was a little unreliable due to a practice session oil drop. Linfield managed to grab the lead quickly after the start, though again the race was delayed by car damage. Calvin Warley took second spot ahead of Chris Bradbury, but there was plenty of contact through the race. Thirty cars turned out for the meeting consolation race. With that number, it was inevitable that some folk would come together, though Andy Ford did a better job at falling apart at one point. The consolation winner was Craig Tomblin, the race being declared as things went a little too far, two drivers getting loaded after the race which is something that hasn't happened often at this circuit with the F2's.

The meeting final saw some contact early on, Graham Malling and Lewis Geach meeting up with Stewart Chalkley who lost a wheel in the scrimmage while Adrian Blackwell took on the early lead. As with most of the racing that day, however, Blackwell faded back through the field as the graded drivers caught up, Sean Ward taking the lead while Bill Batten led the red top charge through. Batten would not repeat his winning performance, however, as he came out of the bridge bend only to find Bert Finnikin in his way, Batten flying through the air in a spectacular aerial spin on his way out of the race! Further down the order, Sworder and Goldin kept each other pretty busy too, Ward finishing first with no hindrance. Sworder made up for it in the Grand National Qualifier, Goldin deciding to give the race a miss. Sworder crept up the order, getting past Warley to win with a lap to spare, Chris Lindsay taking third.

Mk.III Granada Bangers
The Mk.III Granada Banger event at Arena Essex, an extra formula added to the August 15 meeting, provided a double win for Paul Hunter. He took the combined final and Rawlins 2000 qualifier ahead of first heat winner Mick Bradbury, with DD specialist Ian Smith getting the last car award.

Group A Hot Rods
The longest Group A Hot Rod race of the season, the Groom Motorsport Millennium 50, got a little shorter this year as, on August 15 at Arena Essex, the race was shortened. First by ten laps to forty, then to thirty as the race suffered two bad starts, the first seeing off Jason Griffiths, Dave Lamb, Steve Gooch and Bill Witherall, then the second leading to a pile up as Dennis Howes rammed into the side of the late booked West car around turn four, this leading to a pile up which turned out worst for Chris Fuller, a past marathon winner. By the time the race was ready to go again, the field was a shadow of the original thirty qualifiers, the race eventually ending up as a chase as Nicky Parris raced ahead, opening up a lead that defending title holder Chris Smith was unable to close in time. Previous title winner Gary Rouse took third spot.

Kurt Chopping won his first ever winners' trophy in the first warm up race, taking control from the start in a flag to flag victory, Trevor Gillman and Robbie Wolf behind him, though Wolf only just held off Griffiths for his points. Dave Lamb then did his back to front run to win the second warm up sprint race, taking the win outside Howes on the last lap, Simon Simmons in third. Some of the dead Millennium cars returned for the allcomers' race at the end of the meeting, though the race was easily taken by Clinton Groom, taking the win from early leader Parris and Dave Hutchins.

1. BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Support race 464 Matt Linfield 101 886 180 461 38 430 11
2. BriSCA F2 Stock Cars World Semi-Final 1 401 Barry Goldin 152 642 732 154 559 606 309 905 469
3. BriSCA F2 Stock Cars World Semi-Final 2 167 Bill Batten 79 324 901 170 134 69 667 647 111
4. Group A Hot Rods Sprint 1 15 Kurt Chopping 101 24 134 176 86 18 23 190 137
5. Group A Hot Rods Sprint 2 82 Dave Lamb 75 112 58 3 119 91 184 63 136
6. Mk. III Granada Bangers Warm up race 308 Mick Bradbury 338 119 183 336 217 19 589 NOCR
7. BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Consolation 291 Craig Tomblin 114 881 15 767 725 110 560
8. Group A Hot Rods Groom Motorsport Millennium Trophy 10 Nicky Parris 18 63 184 135 86 44 23 176 119
9. Mk. III Granada Bangers Sprint 183 Paul Hunter 308 336 217 338 119 19 589 NOCR
10. BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Meeting Final 881 Sean Ward 886 180 464 291 15 38 152 401 154
11. Group A Hot Rods Allcomers Race 135 Clinton Groom 10 86 112 23 3 184 63 176 18
12. BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Grand National Qualifier 152 Mick Sworder 101 210 38 180 103 154 315 461 290
13. Mk. III Granada Bangers Meeting Final/Rawlins Qualifier 183 Paul Hunter 308 119 217 331 336 19 589

Last car: 336 Ian Smith

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