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6: Formulas

6a. Bangers
a banger...
Bangers are full contact road cars with minimal armouring. All glass fittings and internals are stripped, the radiator is generally replaced by a header tank, a roll cage, internal fuel tank and lines and battery added. Certain panels are also altered or bolted/welded for safety, though armouring of cars is strictly governed.
6b. Stock Cars
a stock car... a saloon stock...
Stock Cars are fully armoured mixed contact cars. Specification varies.
6c. Hot Rods
a hot rod... a lightning rod...
Hot Rods are a non contact formula based on road cars, though many formulas replace the original interior structure with space frames and may use kevlar panels according to regulations. There are other formulas that are raced by many promotions that may not appear in the above list, though they tend to be variations on what is described here. These include such formulas as "V8 Rods" or "Ramp Racers". In many cases, if you stick to the idea that it is a Banger (Full contact), a Stock Car (contact to gain advantage) or a Hot Rod (no contact), you can fill in the details from there!
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