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4: Grading
Grading is denoted by the colour of the roof of the car. This denotes the skill and/or experience of the driver as well as any championships that may have been won by that driver.
White: Novice or beginner
Yellow: Low grade
Blue: Middle grade
Red : Expert
Red with adornments: "Superstar" grade. The adornment may take the shape of an emblem or even flashing lights according to the formula and the promotion/organisation.
Two silver stripes: Denotes a points leader in a drivers' championship.
Silver roof: Denotes a current drivers' champion.
Gold roof: Denotes a current World champion.
Red diagonally crossed roof: Denotes a figure of eight champion.
Black and white chequered roof: Denotes a British champion.
St. George's cross: Denotes an English champion.
Red and white chequered roof: Denotes a Supreme champion.
Blue cross: Denotes a Scottish champion (Spedeworth).
Green cross: Denotes an Irish champion (Spedeworth).
Red and yellow chequered roof: Denotes a European champion.
Green, pink or grey roof: Denotes a doofus that hasn't painted roof yet.

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Thanks to Kelly Eaton at Spedeworth and Paul Cox for info on grading. Also thanks to Colin Thorndyke for spotting the deliberate mistake!