The History of the Zimmer frame Club

By Danny Kilgariff

Greetings to all Argonauts from the ZFC
( The Zimmer Frame Club)

The History

The ZFC came into existence as a result of some email between two of its founder members. It was noted at the time just how large a proportion of Argo members were at least 50 years old . When a posting revealed the age of the postee a suffix was attached to their name in accordance with the table below.

It was decided to invite certain other Argonauts to display their ZFC rating. Which they duly did. Those members who were invited to join us were asked not to reveal the meaning of the ZFC rating, so as to increase the curiosity factor and to refer the enquirer to the ZFC co-ordinator with an email, and the result was that we have over one hundred and fifty members.

We decided to create the ZFC A category to accommodate all those below fifty years old, all the lady members, and all the rest of the fella's who are shy about revealing their age...

The Present

The ZFC has, like Topsy, 'growed and growed'. Argo Towers has taken an interest in us and in order to promote and enhance the burgeoning family feeling that does exist within Argonet, has, very generously, given us our own email address <> and offered us two megabytes of web space for our own use, both free of charge. [Please note that the address doesn't currently work - Chika]

We have formed a small steering committee, known as the ZFC Politburo, to set up ZFC properly and will be asking (coercing, arm twisting) certain members with expertise in various fields for their assistance.

The Rating Table:

      Up to 50  Aspiring Candidate                    ZFC  A
      50 to 60  Bronze Plated Zimmer Frame            ZFC  B
      60 to 65  Silver Plated Zimmer Frame            ZFC  S
      65 to 70  Silver Plated Zimmer Frame
            complete with Silver Pension Book Holder  ZFC  S+
      70 to 75  Gold Plated Zimmer Frame              ZFC  G 
      75 to 80  Gold Plated Zimmer Frame
            complete with Gold Pension Book Holder    ZFC  G+
      80 plus     Platinum Plated Zimmer Frame        ZFC  P
So you can work out your own suffix.

The Highest ZFC Rating to date is a ZFC G+

There is one other special Rating that is reserved for persons outside Argonet who have both Acorn's and our interest at heart. This is the

ZFC Honorary Member ( ZFC HM)

We have offered and had accepted ZFC HM to three people so far.

Peter Bondar............ Director Acorn Risc Technoligies, The Acorn Group of Companies

Stuart Halliday......... Of Acorn Cybervillage

Paul Beverley........... Of Norwich Computer Services and Editor of Archive Magazine

The Future

It is the intention that in the future we shall organise such things as ZFC meetings at shows in addition to and/or in cooperation with Argo. Other possibilities are a Help Line, Newbie Help and really anything else that we can do. We shall looking for ideas and suggestions.