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Yes, I know the text below is grossly out of date, but I shall be updating it according to Bill's latest and greatest version when I get a moment. - Chika

What is a FAQ?

A FAQ is a body of frequently asked questions with answers. This FAQ does not attempt to answer all questions but those answers most likely to be needed by a newcomer to the group. It may also be a reminder to those who post regularly...

Who is this newsgroup for?

This newsgroup, (argonet.zfc), is a 'private' Argo newsgroup for Members of the Argonet ISP.

Why is this newsgroup 'private'?

This newsgroup is not propogated.. spread around.. all ISP's throughout the world. It is a newsgroup purely for Argo Members.

Can anybody else get this newsgroup?

It is possible that some ISP's, particularly if they belong to the backbone of PIPEX, may also get this newsgroup. However, they can only do this if their ISP agrees and are not expected to interfere in any way with Argo discussions. If an individual attempts to do so they may be removed by their ISP.

What is this newsgroup for?

This newsgroup, (argonet.zfc), is the 'base' newsgroup for a 'fun club' known as the ZFC, or Zimmer Frame Club. It is for all Argonauts, of any age...

It is a newsgroup centred on all sorts of matters... it might be breadmaking and pottery. It might be inventions, or art. It might be about keeping rabbits, or how to look after a 'tribble'. It could even be about your pension... or your favourite teacher!

Want help with your toy car.. any size.. or help with your pet stone? Ask away... someone may be able to help you!

Is there anything I can't discuss?

You are not really supposed to discuss anything to do with the Voyager or Assist newsgroups here. There are special groups for that. Any talk about computers, programming or other 'techie' things are 'banned' in the ZFC base newsgroup.

The newsgroups' charter states that the group does not allow any posting that does not apply the 'Rules of Netiquette' or falls outside the spirit of an all-age supportive family newsgroup.

Of course, you are not expected to post anything that's illegal in terms of our country's Laws, abusive, offensive, or extremely and deliberately hurtful to anyone. Take care... if you do Argo might request that you find another ISP!

What is mean't by an 'all-age supportive family'?

Argo members range, in age from less than 10 years old to more than 80 years old. We are all part of a supportive family known collectively, as much in fun, as "The Family Argo".

Where do I get the 'Rules of Netiquette'?

There are several places to get these 'rules'. One of the best places is to use the ZFC web site:

[Newbie Sixteen Commandments]

where Richard Travers, ZFC, has prepared and posted a very amusing set of 16 'Commandments'. You may also get 'rules' from: news.newusers

Are there any other Argo newsgroups that I can subscribe to?

Yes! At the moment there are four generally available newsgroups and one moderated newsgroup for announcements.

These are:

argonet.acorn.announce (moderated)

This newsgroup is for Argo and Argo Members to make announcements of interest to all Members. It is a 'moderated' group that generally you won't be using. If you have something of interest you may ask Argo to make an announcement for you.


This newsgroup is for all general questions, answers and discussions about computer matters, or anything to do with the computing scene. Even though there are many real experts in this group, maybe discussing very complex things, the group is especially welcoming to a new user. So, if you have a question, don't be afraid to ask. Someone will give you an understandable answer!

(You can tell the real 'experts' with years of experience. They are the ones who try to give you a clear and simple, easily understood answer in a friendly way!)


This newsgroup is for any discussion about any topic providing a posting follows the 'rules of netiquette' and remembers that all Argo newsgroups expect to conform to a 'common decency'.


This newsgroup is set aside for discussion about any and all aspects of Argo's Voyager group of applications. It is the special group where you may get... and give.... help in using these particular applications.


This is presently the base newsgroup of the 'Zimmer Frame Club', a fun club maintained by it's members and known as the 'ZFC'. All Argo Members are freely able to join the ZFC. You may find details on http://www.argonet.co.uk/zfc or email zfc@argonet.co.uk for a very friendly and speedy response!

You may join in any discussion... but remember... for the moment any mention of computers is banned!! It is a group where you may receive... or give... advice and help for the 'real' world!.. as well as join in lot's of fun...

I'm not sure which group my posting should go into?

This does sometimes happen! If you really aren't sure then you can post your article to argonet.acorn.misc This is the group for anything that doesn't quite 'fit in'.

Should I cross-post my article to all the groups so that everyone gets it?

This is not recommended! Occasionally - and that means very occasionally - there may be a good reason to cross-post an article to another group. This is very rare and generally you should not cross-post at all.

Most Argonauts connect to the Argo groups anyway and will see your posting. If it is really important then, even if they don't see it straight away, they will find out pretty soon!

Am I allowed to post pictures and other sorts of files to any of the newsgroups?

Sorry, but this is a real 'no-no'! If you want to send something then you can, to anyone that asks, by email. DO NOT post to the newsgroup. Tell whoever wants it how they can get it from you... you can use the newsgroup to let everyone know what and how .. but keep it brief!

Can I advertise in the newsgroups?

No, the charters do not allow advertising for the sake of it. There are special newsgroups elsewhere on the 'Net for this. If you wish to share some information about something then you can do so. You can make a report... but be sure that it is of interest to most people... otherwise...!

Some people have said that I am 'Off Topic'. What does this mean?

It may mean that you made a comment or tried to talk about something that had nothing to do with the conversation! Are you sure you are in the correct newsgroup? It's no good trying to talk about Voyager things in the ZFC or Assist newsgroups. They are not there for that! The Voyager newsgroup is...

I know that I'm in the correct newsgroup, but some people still say I'm 'Off Topic'...why..?

Each conversation is started by a title known as the 'subject'.. or 'thread'. When you 'open' this subject you will see all the replies. Try to stick to the matter being discussed.

If you want to 'talk' about something different, you can open your own subject or thread. People may then join you and talk about your 'topic'.

Enjoy... and don't forget to say 'Thank You' to anyone who tries to help you. Someday you will appreciate someone saying the same to you..!

CHARTER: argonet.zfc
The argonet.zfc newsgroup will be directed toward discussion and information exchange of a general and non-technical nature among Argo ZFC members and Argonauts within a caring, supportive all-age family context as outlined in the ZFC 'Mission Statement'.

The group will also be directed, although not exclusively, to the social, welfare and support needs of the more mature Argonaut, but including such social, welfare or support needs as may be appropriate to any and all ZFC Members and/or Argonauts.

The group will specifically exclude general discussions on the Voyager Application or other discussion involving the use of the Voyager Application (covered in argonet.acorn.voyager).

The group will also specifically exclude postings of a technical nature related to User Assistance. (covered in argonet.acorn.assist; argonet.acorn.misc)

The group prohibits postings that continually or deliberately do not apply the 'Rules of Netiquette'.

Where matters of an esoteric or highly technical nature are concerned and/or if further opinion is generally deemed necessary or desirable, Argonauts may be pointed to other groups and sources of information for discussion or advice.

This private newsgroup will be open to any ZFC member or Argonaut who desires to exchange, with Argonauts, information, commentary and opinions regarding any matter other than those related to the use of and considerations more appropriate to technical or software/application related matters.

Unless significantly unavoidable, cross-posting of items between the varying argonet newsgroups is discouraged.

The newsgroup is not moderated, and all posters are encouraged to use their best judgment in posting to ensure the integrity of the group including the preservation of a caring, supportive and all-age family context in accordance with the stated aims of the ZFC.

The posting of any type of binary file to the group is prohibited. If it is necessary to transfer binaries, posters should include a pointer to an appropriate ftp/www site, or use an appropriate alt.binaries.* newsgroup.

Advertising is specifically prohibited within the argonet.zfc newsgroup. Reviews and announcements of products or services appropriate to the group may be posted if it is felt that the overwhelming majority of group members will benefit from the information. These should be brief and not be formatted as 'advertisements'.