Sunday, 6th. February, 2000

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Swaffham Raceway (Trackstar)
Icebreaker VII National Banger Unlimited Team Open

Black Ice-breaker

Stuart Cummings and Jack Overy, last seen together in Suicide yellow, teamed up again in black to win the Icebreaker at Swaffham on February 6. The locals and previous twice winners Steam Team made a late bid to finish second including a good late scrap by Colin Dicken while Team Blitz tried their best but faltered in the final, holding on to third.

With a large field clogging every inch of pit space, the first three heats for each group were reduced to two per team races, and Brett Ellacott (162) started well, although his teamy, John Stoneman (801) shoved his yank the wrong way round, and automatic 5 point deduction under established Icebreaker rules, which meant that Sean Collin (257) and Stuart Adcock (448) put the Suicide Squad A into an early lead being the only team to get more than one car home. This faded later as Damage Inc. and the Steam team pushed ahead, Jeremy Nicholls (163) pinning down the second A heat with a Damage double from Mark Smith (416) and Mark Whybra (643), while Sonic (145) took an abortive third A heat which was brought up abruptly when Tom Reynolds (312) driver doored Barrie Simpson (901) on the home straight. Smith (416) added to his tally in heat 4 by sprinting home well away from the field while Kev Wilsher (96) decided that he had had enough spinning and took on allcomers on the pit bend! Ah, and the Arena season still so far away...

The B group was somewhat more cut and dried as the Black team sprinted away to an early lead, John Wallace (502) arriving home second in the first heat behind surprise entry Mark Newman (601) in one of only two Midnight Runners to show, the other being Jason "Boxer Jack" Jackson who spent most of his meeting wrecking. Davey Cox (119) followed Wallace up in fourth for an early lead that got bigger as Buster Godden (262) took the second heat with Overy (617) in third in a four car finish. Gary Madgwick (33), responsible for the biggest hit of last years' Icebreaker, decided to keep going this year, and took the third heat for Team Blitz!, though Cummings (57) kept the pressure on with second place in his RDC/KAR unification special while Paul Tompkins (582) also added Blitz points with a first in the last heat.

The points were close in Group A and nothing was solved in the semi with Ellacott rodding another win from Dicken, though Chris Whiteman (855) picked off an entertainment award despite coming nowhere. Things were getting tight in Group B also, though it was a little easier to see how things were as Team Black died away to give Team Blitz! a sporting chance, four points separating them and the highest scoring Group A team a further eight points down from there. This was achieved by Tompkins winning the B semi ahead of Julian Peapall (971) of the ex-RDC Swindon Vigilantes and Sonny Sherwood (348) also giving Blitz points, while Michael Thornhill (777) got the entertainment award here.

The final basically came down to the now predictable turn three pile up and who could find the best way through. Things could have been so different had it not been the case that every car needed to punch through the mess at some point, sometimes through sheer bloody- mindedness on the part of some of the blocking drivers, including Dicken (145) who saw off Cox (119) only to lose out to Cummings (57) and Overy (617) who managed to consistantly lap to the end, leaving Dicken second and alone and, despite a 10 point penalty for a couple of after the chequered flag wrong way hits on Dicken, Team Black outright winners. Sonic's last gasp effort of second spot did drag the Steam Team up past Team Blitz! to take overall second while Wallace (502) added third to the Blacks' total of 65 points, a clear 23 points clear at the end.

An abortive and very rushed DD was given to Wallace based on wrecks, with Whiteman (855) second as all was cleared, ready for the dog racing! A good meeting overall, with more varied material than last year, which was a real bonus!


1  A Heat 1    162/991/257/90/297/30/448 NOCR
2  B Heat 1    601/502/851/119 NOCR
3  A Heat 2    163/452/431/416/96/643/40/347
4  B Heat 2    262/200/617/94 NOCR
5  A Heat 3    145/657/901/162 NOCR
6  B Heat 3    33/57/997/910/331 NOCR
7  A Heat 4    416/283/145/40/863/257/347 NOCR
8  B Heat 4    582/617/200 NOCR
9  A Semifinal 162/145/416/141/42/764/541/32
10 B Semifinal 582/971/348/33/582/345 NOCR
11 Final       617/145/502/57 NOCR
12 DD          502/855 NOCR 

Winners     Team Black  (65 points)
Second      Steam Team  (42 points)
Third       Team Blitz! (40 points)
Results subject to confirmation by promoter
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