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Swaffham Raceway (Trackstar)
Unlimited Bangers
2 Litre Bangers
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Cecils' Day

Not a bad meeting overall, with good weather if a little cold, and an above average turnout pitside, the F2's turning out enough cars to change the format to a 2 heat/consi/final/GN format (they gained a race) and plenty of both types of Bangers in support of Steve "Cecil" Anscombe who attended as spectator and gong giver for the day.

Wayne Cotterill (997) started off a fairly successful day for him with a first heat win in the 2 litre class, which saw a fair amount of rodding, though Steve O'Dell (71) ate a post in a follow early on. Phil Powell (199) also had a good day of it with a win in the second heat which was delayed when (54) was crushed beneath (80) while a number of naughty folk tried out their jacking technique under red flags. Powell took the lead in the closing stages when Dave king (206) took a wrong turn in the wreckage. It was Shaun Randall's (65) turn in the last qualifier, shutting Annette Nicholls (536) out in a four car finish while John Broad (57), Rob Mills (404) and Dave Hazelden (483) slugged it out on the pit bend. It was left to Geoff Pallett (567) to pick the final trophy up in another big shunter including more hits for Broad before Annette (536) finally showed her rodding skills in the allcomer's, with the DD finish going eventually to Paul Lakkowski (210) after most of the opposition self-destructed.

The first Unlimited heat was decided when the entire lead lap was caught in a pile up on the pit bend. It was down to whoever escaped first as to who would win since the pile up would guarantee no further laps. This went the way of Sonny Sherwood (348) with track mate Mick Holmes (455) in hot pursuit before the race was called, a hit from Alan Read (88) on (19) by the gate punctuating that race. Jack Overy (617) proved uncatchable in heat two, though 2 litre winner Wayne Cotterill (997) tried his best while playing tag with Stu Cummings (57). With much damage being done, the consolation was scrapped, so it was all down to the final which saw a three way battle between Read, Cummings and Overy split up in the end as a steady plod from heat one winner Sherwood snatched third place, with Read pinning down the trophy after a lucky escape in the final turn when a spin ran out of room courtesy of a groggy Pete Winter (811) car emerging from the scrap. Winter finished his final swapping headers with John Harris (418) by the pits. Overy made up for his loss in the final by jetting home in the allcomers ahead of Read, the race being held up part way in as a multi-jacking starting with Harris on the back straight getting done by Mark Arnold (94), who was jacked by Luke Parfitt (541), who was done by (450) saw Arnold emerge from his wreck looking a little woozy! Dino (57) took the DD in another stalled race, this time when Nogger Hopkins (827) got a little too much on the home straight.

Even the BriSCA F2 Stocks got into the spirit of things, though not always by choice as they negotiated the oily pit bend on their first heats, Craig Tomlin (291) getting the first win of the year as the big guns slid about, Daz Kitson (732) having to be content with third, before gravity was defied by Steve Green Jnr (154) on the pit gate as he rolled and bounced over the thing! Yes, the reds came out, but he was already out of the way, though for an instant he was a little unsure as to how he got there! Chris Roots (677) chomped the opposition in this one after surviving a run in with Mick Sworder (152) mid race. Sworder was destined not to finish that one, and was the subject of yet more bad luck as he took the wide path running in for what must have seemed certain victory in the consolation only to see Barry Goldin (401) dive inside him and take first place! He capped a mixed afternoon by blowing out in a promising position in the final, while more condition problems and a bit of fine driving gave Darren Gowshall (558) his first win. Despite Steve Swan's suggestion, the last race was a Grand National Qualifier (and not a DD!) which saw Kitson, Roots and Stuart Chalkley (269) battle it down to the wire, but though Kitson was to cross in first place, a bout of overtaking under a waved yellow, called when Craig Tomlin (291) rolled in the same place as Green had before (though not over the gate this time), cost him two places, putting Roots in first ahead of Chalkley.

A great time was had by all, including Cecil.

1  2l Banger 1          997/536/206/33/567/283/114/57/136/115
2  U/l Banger 1         348/455/536/19/88/632/366 NOCR
3  BriSCA F2 Stx 1      291/558/732/103/134/559/591/553/423/127
3a BriSCA F2 Stx 2      677/261/34/15/883/955/790/601/81/600
4  2l Banger 2          199/715/238/345 NOCR
5  U/l Banger 2         617/997/57/392/418 NOCR
6  BriSCA F2 Stx cons   401/152/871/79/239/630/149/821/81/872
7  2l Banger 3          65/536/330/110 NOCR
8  -- Cancelled --
9  BriSCA F2 Stx Final  558/291/750/149/677/559/821/239/553/81
10 2l Banger Final      567/283/410/997/114/199/536/57/238 NOCR
11 U/l Banger Final     88/617/348/57/450 NOCR
12 BriSCA F2 GNQ        677/269/732/149/152/103/601/559/558/750
13 2l Banger a/c + DD   536/199/283/238/535 LCR=210
14 U/l Banger a/c + DD  617/88/827/455 NOCR LCR=57

Source: Chris Johnson

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