Saturday, 22nd April 2000

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Kings Lynn (Norfolk Arena) (Trackstar)
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
1300 Saloon Stocks
Unlimited Bangers

Not a bad day although the track had suffered from the weather making for slow progress, especially early on as Andrew Palmer (606) took the first BriSCA F2 race before anarchy started in the second heat, stoppages first for a roadway turn clash then for a rollover for Robert Mitchell (905) at the other end. The race was a heated one with Scotty McNeill (317) overhauled by mid way by eventual winner Allen Cooper (702). The consolation was again halted twice, first when the roadway end got a little too full of dead cars, then again when a clash of Tom Smart (744) and (963) sucked in Michael Stubbs (298) who was tipped into the back straight wall with his foot down. Simon Ricketts (228) took that one after Alan Veall (515) started to drop back after the second stoppage, smoking somewhat, settling for tenth in the end. The final was a far neater affair, McNeill again dominating the race early on while the red tops diced with crashing cars that saw most of them taken out or dropping off the lead lap. However Daz Kitson (732) managed to get ahead of his grade, through the lemmings and eventually left McNeill on the home straight to easily win, breaking the Lincolnshire grip on the TSR meetings this year. Mark Taylor (790) grabbed the Grand National qualifier after a stalled start when Kitson, bombing away from the front of the whites on his one lap handicap, came to grief at the roadway end, Taylor marching most of the remaining red tops past McNeill who again dominated early but could stay the whole way.

1300 Saloon stox started off with a big blasting affair which saw the biggest crash when current English champion Steve Footer (229) put Colin Mace (49) backwards into a parked car on the pit bend, the race going to 2 litre expert Paul Liquorice (51), Dave Winsor (360) made a determined run through from the back to deny Dean Murkin (139) a win in the second race, and almost managed to repeat the feat in the final before being knocked sideways by Julian Smith (392) who was on the previous lap while Liquorice and Footer ran up through the cars to take first and second, Murkin getting third spot and probably out for a new roof colour soon.

37 cars turned out for the first Unlimited Banger heat, but with Team Stinkbridge and the Blooz Boyz both showing up mob handed, the wreckage was assured, especially when you added Shaun Abra (431) and Jack Overy (617) into the equation. Overy was fresh from the previous day at Mildenhall and easily outpaced the field while the two teams blitzed themselves into submission around the pit bend with only nine cars surviving the heat. TSB had another go in the second heat which included a big talking point when a number of drivers started to brawl in the centre green, the marshalls stepping in to stop the worst of it, but tempers rumbled on long after the race was over. As for the race, Pete Winter (811) tried his best to catch Alan Woods (271) but was unable to in time. The final saw most of the remaining TSB scrapping on turn two, Mick and Andy Holmes (08/09) doing most of the dirty deeds there while Charlie Haller (86) did what he did all night, which was dump anything in his way including the stray pink car, though this time he got a win out of it, Overy having too much to do to go better than second.

1  BriSCA F2 1       606 Andrew Palmer  /96/204/732/448/342/131/56/824/871
2  BriSCA F2 2       702 Allen Cooper   /142/790/317/9/833/432/81/798/449
3  1300 Sl Stx 1      51 Paul Liquorice /360/77/392/19/715/11/43/374/186
4  Bangers 1         617 Jack Overy     /811/97/920/88/86/861/701/768 NOCR
5  BriSCA F2 Cons    228 Simon Ricketts /48/71/742/70/188/903/744/211/515
6  1300 Sl Stx 2     360 Dave Winsor    /139/11/51/392/296/715/374/33/84
7  Bangers 2         271 Alan Woods     /811/262/920/97/168/861/05/768/09
8  BriSCA F2 Final   732 Daz Kitson     /9/742/142/871/317/833/448/131/824
9  1300 Sl Stx Final  51 Paul Liquorice /229/139/360/11/557/77/84/312/392
10 BriSCA F2 GNQ     790 Mark Taylor    /273/833/871/103/188/317/142/152/48
11 Bangers Final      86 Chalie Haller  /617/920/168/262/701/861/768/88 NOCR
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