Saturday, 18th. March, 2000

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Kings Lynn (Norfolk Arena) (Trackstar)
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
2l Saloon Stocks
2l Bangers

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A clear day greeted the first meeting of the year at King's Lynn with under 2l Bangers and 2l Saloon Stock Cars supporting a good BriSCA F2 turnout.

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Plenty of BriSCA F2 Stock Cars about
The BriSCA's started off with a curtailed heat won by Steven Harbord (479) who seems to have suddenly found a winning habit after recently winning at Skegness, while heat two was twice restarted from scratch after crashes around the pit side of the track, Mark Simpson (871) starting his heat and final campaign from here by slicing Andrew Palmer (606) out on the last bend. Jamie Baguley (9) managed to hold off even the likes of Daz Kitson (732) to win the consolation before Simpson returned to win the final by spinning Simon Ricketts (228) away in the closing stages after yet another hard hitting race. Rob Johnson (824) finally finished off the winner of another stop-start race that was the Grand National qualifier, a pile up or two too many at the Saddlebow Road end making the race too dangerous to continue with a few laps to go.
Paul Graham (389) took the first heat which turned suddenly from rather roddy to a big crash (see pic) in a race that also marked the return to racing of Shaun Abra (431) after a long injury layoff. Wayne Cotterill (997) continued his good run in the second heat from his success in the Steve "Cecil" Anscombe fundraiser at Swaffham a couple of weeks before, outrunning Pete Winter (811) while the rest of the field took to big crashing including one from Ady Groome (776) in an old Wolseley. They knew how to build them back then! Abra decided to go wrecking big time in the consolation, Yorkshire traveller Steve Askham (253) staying out of it to take a close win before Shaun McMillan (191) broke his winning cherry in the final, the heat going up for Askham as his car flamed up after the reds. It was all topped off with another wrecking spree from Abra in the allcomers while Cotterill took another roddy win. (c) CrashnetUK
It shouldn't happen to a classic... but it does!
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Karl Gilbert and a new take on the Lynn shaleway
It's a big year for the 2 litre Saloons at Norfolk Arena this year with the World Final to come there later in the year (the F2's as well, come to that!) and there was a good turnout of the cars this time around, though Mark Whybra (64) didn't start too well, involved in what became a 6 point rollover for Karl Gilbert (33) in a stalled first heat won out by Dave Aldous (499), then Whybra was cut out of the lead on the last bend by Steve Santry (368) in heat two having taken the lead after a brief stoppage when the speedway pit turn got blocked. He was not to be denied, however, and took out all in his way to take the final win with Russ Williams (602) following at distance.

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Whybra and Santry by the powerstation
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Abra doing what Abra does... it's like he was never away!
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Untangle this lot! And it gets no better for Finniken...
(c) CrashnetUK fact, this is how Bert finishes his day!
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Whybra and company on the victory wagon
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McMillan on his way to final victory, his first...
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Askham finishes his final in a hot car
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Need you ask who did this? First letter is A...

1  F2 Stocks 1       479 Steven Harbord     /824/13/142/177/342/388/68/131/771
2  F2 Stocks 2       871 Mark Simpson       /606/48/228/756/326/546/333/448/197
3  Bangers 1         389 Paul "Yogi" Graham /747/7/11/201/535/715/112/567/761
4  Saloons 1         499 Dave Aldous        /116/293/500/368/401/402/27/512/603
5  Bangers 2         997 Wayne Cotterill    /811/557/398/47/401/306/110/191 NOCR
6  F2 Stocks Cons      9 Jamie Baguley      /732/702/103/559/152/286/273/955/838
7  Saloons 2         368 Steve Santry       /64/116/499/369/602/293/511/512/401
8  Bangers cons      253 Steve Askham       /619/592/163/30/536/87/176/986/252/62/231
9  F2 Stocks Final   871 Mark Simpson       /48/824/606/177/333/9/388/546/326
10 Saloons Final      64 Mark Whybra        /602/126/27/401/402/116/499/603/511
11 Bangers Final     191 Shaun McMillan     /567/811/997/557/11/47/398/87/201
12 F2 Stocks GNQ     824 Rob Johnson        /833/903/68/756/152/177/333/273/702
13 Bangers Allcomers 997 Wayne Cotterill    /389/163/536/80/567/542/398

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