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RDC removes about 160 tonnes of shale from Mildenhall...

Mildenhall Raceway (RDC)
Sunday, 30th January, 2000
Under 1400cc Bangers & Ministox (Winter Series, Round 3) least that was the estimate I was given. The result was a smooth and firm surface on which 115 cars met for battle on the last Winter Series meeting of the year.

PRI, notably the yellow folk, had dominated at the first round, with Trevor Buckley (62) the only real winner of the day for RDC at round one, while round two was a mud-soaked catastrophe which claimed many before their time. With the work done on the track, most of the offending shale now in a big pile in the pits, we had a serious meeting to watch, with no less than four heats, two consis, a final and an Accumulator qualifier that fielded 63 cars!

Scott Locke (129) had taken control of the points in the second round weeks before but now found the level field far more challenging, while Buckley had a fair old day of it. That said, the points were very close by the end of the meeting. Gary Rose (115) was the first beneficiary of the faster surface in the first heat, a novice qualifier, the race even sporting a pile up at speed, something unthinkable at the previous meeting. Shane Davies (158), he of the appearance in the Sun the previous day, proved his four wheel ability in the second as Tony Garrard (493) lost his early lead with Wayne Dolan (500) eased home to victory in the third, Buckley (62) closing to within four points of Locke by winning the last heat. John Hazel (405) got the first consolation away, Garrard (493) doing the second for some reason. The final went the way of Adam Eagle (610) but second place for Buckley meant that Locke would need to do something special in the Accumulator Qualifier, the last points of the series.

Indeed both Locke and Buckley showed trackside, but with 61 other cars there to keep them company, a massive pile up was inevitable. This one blocked turn three and also saw Locke's car killed on the home straight which fixed that result; Buckley is the new Winter Series champion. However that was not the end of the story. With the pit end blocked, those that could were trying to win the hard way. Just as well his foot getting caught was the only problem that he had, because (601) gave a mighty head on to (426) on the home straight, only to be jacked by (164) and Lee Overy (71) to bring the reds out. A mighty scramble ensued as all drivers whose cars could be rescued and would run were invited to join the restart, Turbo Tom Reynolds (312) reprising his Firecracker VIII DD trick by starting the wrong way, this time backed up by (491) and Billy King (49), each finding a target; Steve Fuller (213), (160) and (690) respectively. The home straight blocked up, though this time it was possible to break through, notably by Tom Marston (300), Wayne Quinn (82) and Buckley (62) with a few others, though Quinn kept on lapping while the rest wiped themselves out, leaving only Marston to take Quinn on. After several attempts of mixed hits and misses, Quinn finally lined Marston up on a dead car on the pit bend and jacked with whatever he had left under the bonnet. It was almost enough as it killed the Marston car, but also killed itself in the process, Quinn getting the victory based on laps completed.

Daniel Marston (341) had more luck in the Ministox as he stayed out of Carly Barnett's (51) reach in the first heat with Lee Pearce (23) taking the second, Matthew Newson (26) picking up third and second in the heats to pull him close to Tommy Barnes (126) whose triple in the previous round had given him a big head start. However fourth place in the final left Newson two points shy of Barnes in the Winter Series standings with Carly Barnett the winner of the race ahead of Dean Mayes (30) and Carl Waller-Barrett (362), Fred Pattinson (7) getting the day's white top award.

During last season, the circuit got a lot of flak for mud and waterlogging and so forth. This meeting, however, was a return to form for the circuit as the crowd on both sides of the fence left happy after what was agreed was a spectacular meeting, possibly the best Winter meeting yet! One can only hope that this keeps up.


1  Novice Bangers 115/713/510/695/610/414
2  Bangers 2      158/112/493/129/2/423/781/147
3  Bangers 3      500/344/82/160/113/312/135/67
3a Bangers 4      62/215/271/61/49/20/467/71
4  Ministox 1     341/51/26/128/126/466/816/23/86/7
5  Bangers Cons 1 405/690/491/163
5a Bangers Cons 2 493/249/37/676
6  Ministox 2     23/26/128/7/126/341/99/118/116/30
7  Bangers Final  610/62/147/423/158/82/49/20/163/491
8  Ministox Final 51/30/362/26/466/126/128/23/86/350
9  Bangers ACq    82/300 NOCR

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