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Mildenhall Raceway (RDC)
Meeting 00/06, Saturday 6th. May 2000
National Bangers
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars World of Shale

A balmy night at Mildenhall saw a Banger double as Sonny Sherwood (348) grabbed wins in heat and final on the May 6 meeting to keep the points championship tight at the top, while a good, if somewhat red-deficient turn out for the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars also provided plenty of amusement.

Steve Bennett (141) took the Banger Novice qualifier in a fairly scrappy race, especially the home straight which took many an unwary driver, then Sherwood came through a heat dominated by two big pile ups, though the second spot, awarded to Andrew Davies (147), was certainly questioned around the sidelines as Sherwood battled with Lee Overy (71) to the line. Swindon's Dave Matthews (964) was awarded the win in the consolation, which was quickly stopped after a succession of mishaps on the pit bend, starting with Anders Blowers (699) being bundled on his side by Darren Wolf (9), Pete Lewis (35) protecting the prone car, then Ian Reddens' (148) car, bundled into Lewis and co. by (445), decided to spectacularly blow up, though Redden was safely out by then. Then Sherwood jetted home to take the final, outrunning Gary Rose (115) and Overy, while this time there were no doubts about the Davies position, the pink car seemingly being thrust into every pile up going! The Accumulator qualifier started with a big shunt for Simon Royal (223) as turn four became clogged, though six were found for this race, led home by Wolf and Tom Reynolds (312).

Ken Baldwin (178) grabbed a flag-to-flag win in the first Stock car race, easily ahead of Chris Mitchell (219) and the pack while Dave Hemstock (204) also had and easy heat with Andy Ford (13) grabbing a close second. Most of the top graders ended up in the consolation, Tom Smart (744) getting this one ahead of Rob Kaye (833) in a heavy hitting race, Kaye also second in the final behind Rob Johnson (824) in a race stalled midway. Frustration seemed to overcome red top Carl Issitt (103) as he thundered at the course clerk during the waved yellow as the track crew attempted to pull his car away. Smart also grabbed first place in the Grand National qualifier, stopped early as Ian Marsh (450) came too wide out of the roadway bend and clouted the prone Baldwin car on the home straight, Baldwin having led until bundled into the fence by a back marker.

1  Bangers NoYq    141 Steve Bennett  /115/15/493/162/256
2  BriSCA F2 1     178 Ken Baldwin    /219/977/66/771/56/273/366/342/177
3  BriSCA F2 2     204 Dave Hemstock  /13/591/48/103/702/274/68/606/333
4  Bangers         348 Sonny Sherwood /147/2/71/37/290/124/007/747/69
5  BriSCA F2 Cons  744 Tom Smart      /833/302/197/188/871/326/824/376/431
6  Banger Cons     964 Dave Matthews  /249/131/82/9/151/22/60/446/675
7  BriSCA F2 Final 824 Rob Johnson    /833/13/871/68/48/702/177/771/342
8  Banger Final    348 Sonny Sherwood /115/71/493/82/15/69/2/007/9
9  BriSCA F2 GNq   744 Tom Smart      /273/219/13/824/903/68/756/614/771
10 Bangers ACq       9 Darren Wolf    /312/2/22/147/800

All results subject to confirmation by the promoter

Source: Chris Johnson

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