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Whybra Dominates the Saloons...

Mildenhall Raceway (RDC)
Saturday, 8th. April, 2000
National Bangers
2l Saloon Stocks

I wish I could say that the turn out for the Saloons was as good as the Bangers at Mildenhall on April 8, but with only 9 finishers out of 11 starters in the final, folk such as Mark Whybra (64) and Willie Barnes (126) had an easy night of it. Whybra in fact picked up two heat wins and managed to get back from an early spin following a clash with Steve Santry (368) early in the final to third spot behind Barnes and Kelvin Nicholls (468) who hung on to his big early lead to the end. The few were fairly free with the hits though, including a double roll for Shaun Barnes (85), bouncing off the back fence before driving away and still getting tenth in his heat while Whybra denied Pete Salter (250) at the front.

The Bangers were well represented, however, and an extra heat was called for to take on the extras yet again. After the Novice race win by (132) in yet another hard hitting performance which also featured Sarah Futcher (483) flaming on the back straight, Sparky Mark Whittaker (67) started off what would be a double for him, while Wayne Quinn (82) held off both Andy Davies (147) and Sonny Sherwood (348) to grab the extra heat. A 35 car consolation produced a scrapheap of great proportion as Colin Aldred (576) led five finishers home before Sparky came back out to grab the final, Dave Vincent (22) following home after shaking off Sherwood and Dave Palmer (53) while third spot Davies was treated to a jacking by Sparky two laps out. Not figuring much over the night, Lee Overy (71) came out on the accumulator qualifier and won in yet another big hitting race.

1  Banger NYq    132 ?               /160/247/130/60/767
2  Bangers 1      67 Mark Whittaker  /8/69/22/2/129/007/564/35/37
2a Bangers 2      82 Wayne Quinn     /147/348/158/53/9/476/271/449/154
3  Saloons 1      64 Mark Whybra     /468/45/368/126/562/250/166/85/6
4  Bangers Cons  576 Colin Aldred    /214/243/156/300 NOCR
5  Saloons 2      64 Mark Whybra     /250/368/126/555/6/166/468/45/85
6  Bangers Final  67 Mark Whittaker  /22/147/82/9/8/35/53/158/007
7  Saloons Final 468 Kelvin Nicholls /126/64/250/562/166/85/555/6 NOCR
8  Bangers ACq    71 Lee Overy       /147/2/9/129/22/007/35

All results subject to confirmation by meeting promoter.

Source: Chris Johnson

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