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Mildenhall reopens with a scorcher

Mildenhall Raceway (RDC)
Saturday, 11th. March, 2000
National Bangers
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Another new season, another good turnout as the Bangers stretched to two consolations and three heats in what turned out to be a night full of action. Steven Biggs (309) easily ran away with the Novice of the Year heat in a race that finished in tap and spin style but started in hard, most of Bigg's close opposition going out before halfway. Lee Overy (71) managed to keep away from a crunching drive by Davey Cox (119) in the first full heat to win, Cox leaving more than one reeling including a big post shunt on (474) by the start line. The second heat went the way of last year's big name in RDC, Andy Davies (147) - though a few folk were puzzled by this as many drivers went spinning including Mr. Mess. A lapscorer's nightmare indeed, though nothing like what Ian Laws (007) went through when Joe Mullarkey (19) took him into the fence on turn three, or what Joe suffered after as John Willings (160) jacked him hard straight after. The split consolation went first to TSR favourite and big traveller Pete Winter (811) in a gritty drive that saw him fight through more than one potentially race ending pile up, then to Richie Ahern (100) in the second while Alan Dace (521) put his pantry to good use around turn four, with Laws and Mark Cooper (564) also involved in the turn four scrap yard. However the one name that seems to keep popping up since last seasons' British Championship is Trevor Buckley (62). He did it again in the final, keeping well ahead of Sonny Sherwood (348) in second who had a few passing problems with Cox, at least until Cruncher turned his attention to Dave Callow (488)! Mushy went one better by grabbing the Accumulator qualifier in a three car finish which left the pit bend clogged. Despite the actions of Overy among others, the former British Champ forced his way through to pick up the last trophy of the day.

Meanwhile the BriSCA F2 Stocks were out for their second run of the year, their first on shale and with a first meeting that would take some living up to, they certainly went for it, though no rollovers occurred this week! Garry Fox (48) was the first heat winner, holding off Mark Simpson (871) while Lee Veall (413) nearly lost his bonnet in a collision on the home straight. With early victim Scottie McNeil (317) in a vulnerable position on the home straight in the second and picking up stray cars on the outside, the second heat was restarted though the reds and blues had some real troubles as they anticipated too soon and ran into each other at the back of the restart. After a good tussle midfield with Mick Sworder (152) and Rob Kaye (833), Daz Kitson (732) returned to winning ways, and put in a stunning performance doing it. McNeil got his chance in the consolation and managed third, being passed right at the end by Allen Cooper (702) but Andrew Palmer (606) waltzed away an easy winner as most of the chasing cars dropped back or out including Steven Harbord (479) who hooked up on Ian Marsh (450) and swung around on two wheels by the Chippy! There was still room for controversy, however, and the final dished it up as everyone watched Simpson drive to a supposed victory only for the lapcharts, when checked, to deny him. Andy Ford (13) was shown as the winner, with Dave Brennan (68) second before Simpson came home. The race was a hard one, with a couple of clogs taking victims including one injury around the pit bend. The Grand National Qualifier was also something to watch, with a classic dash for the lead ending resulting in a win for Jim Bamford (302) with Sworder running out of time in second, while Ford managed fourth from his one lap handicap behind Simpson.

Now here is where I thought my day to be over, but no. Those folk that were late away from the circuit may have noticed the burning wreck of the Volvo of Carl Scarrow (759) at the bottom of The Green approaching West Row Fen. So it would seem, Scarrow and James Medley (20) were sharing a HIAB flatbed and upon noticing the flames had flung the burning car off onto the road where it was eventually hosed down by the Suffolk Fire Brigade. It was not totally clear as to how the blaze had started, though the Medley car was also hosed down just to be sure. Happily there were no injuries, though the Volvo took some putting out!


1  Bangers NoYq    309 Steven Biggs   /510/417/488/115/163
2  BriSCA F2 1      48 Garry Fox      /871/903/771/977/68/798/34/178/905
3  BriSCA F2 2     732 Daz Kitson     /70/833/152/13/326/H30/955/204/756
4  Bangers 1        71 Lee Overy      /119/82/18/106/2/184/300/846 NOCR
5  Bangers 2       147 Andrew Davies  /214/9/8/35/37/62/20/22/67
6  BriSCA F2 Cons  606 Andrew Palmer  /702/317/366/302/404/177/368/479/219
7  Bangers Cons 1  811 Pete Winter    /351/129/348/162
7a Bangers Cons 2  100 Richie Ahern   /52/72/167/271
8  BriSCA F2 Final  13 Andy Ford      /68/871/204/756/771/798/152/326/48
9  Bangers Final    62 Trevor Buckley /348/351/22/37/71/20/18/72/119
10 BriSCA F2 GNq   302 Jim Bamford    /152/871/13/771/48/326/H30 NOCR
11 Bangers Acq     348 Sonny Sherwood /429/2 NOCR
All results subject to confirmation by meeting promoter.

Source: Chris Johnson

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