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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/36 Sunday, October 17, 2004
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PRI Banger Teams Head to Head Final & Playoffs
1300 Stock Cars
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PRI Banger Teams
The Essex Gladiators are this years' champions of the PRI Banger Team series after defeating Team No Mush at this years' head to head final and playoff meeting at Arena Essex on October 17. The event was somewhat unpredictable, given the relative inexperience of both teams in an event of this type, and both teams started out fairly equal, although one car didn't emerge for the race for Team No Mush which eventually told on the challengers. It was quite noticeable that both teams favoured the Capri, with a few very well turned out cars, one of those doing the early running for the No Mush, that being Rob Farrington who had made up quite a large number of the points through the season for his team. The main action settled into two areas fairly quickly as the main wrecking took place around turn four with Kelly Wilson playing on turn one. Steve Ward took a chunk out of Anthony Oak though Oak continued to pester cars coming through, particularly Dave Osborn. Howard Martin gave Buzz Kelsey more than one head on, and Farrington's downfall started when he ran over Osborn on two wheels to end up in the side of Simon Smith. By this time it was becoming obvious that the Gladiators were wearing down No Mush, the weather not lending itself to high speed, full on hits. With the event won, the win being taken by Danny Oliver, Lee Callis's car went up in a smoky oil fire, somewhat symbolic of the defeat, and more than one punter was led to wonder what might have happened in Team No Mush had fielded a full side. Whether this will be the end of the feud that started last year and led to the events of the 2003 World Final, we shall have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, the Playoffs were also hit by the weather, though there were still a few hits worthy of note, including a crushing for Matt Bobbin in the second heat as the Essex Boys war with the Gladiator/Wrekin Krew teams continued. Saved only by the sturdy construction of the Cambridge he was driving and the roll cage, the t-bone hit he received in one of the three heats which also saw some feuding between the Desert Rats and the eventual playoff winners, the Midnight Runners.

It was a slow start for the Runners, the main running for the title being made by the Canvey Cowboys and Bad Company, the Condoms being conspicuous by their complete absence as they headed north for reasons best known to themselves. It did mean that they were not subjected to the rout that had left them pointless at the Final Eliminator, but it also meant that the major wrecking action was left to the boys in black, their first major target being Ian Smith who was ambushed inside on turn one in the first heat to the detriment of one wheel, Matt Wright doing the honours. That race was won by Lee Hackett, Billy Lee getting second for a maximum score and an early lead for Bad Company. That team would fail to score in the second heat three-per-team race as Darren Jones sacrificed his car in a full chat head on for Jason Jackson just out of turn four close to the end of the race, and while Steve Ashdown would claim the victory for the Cream Team, most attention was being paid to what Sean Harvey was supposed to have done to Bobbins' car on the pit bend under the weight of the pit bend scrutiny, the Cambridge fully pushed in to half its original width. Third, fourth and fifth place for the Cowboys in this one meant that the top of the points was fairly close. The third heat would see more of the same, the wrecking getting hard enough to keep the majority out of the result, with only six cars qualifying for the final from here, led home by Kev Harland in one of his rare wins, though not in one of his more unusual cars. Whilst Lewis Harvey and Lewis Price concentrated on a few wrong way hits by the pits, the biggest contact was left to the developing Desert Rat/Runner feud, Roy Laybourn exchanging hits with Jimmy Randall before Matt Fuller cried "enough" with a full throated shunt on the Rat. Mark Mahoney came in after on Fuller, what was left of the four of them exchanging a few taps with whatever they had left after all that.

The consolation continued where the third heat left off with Laybourn trying to hit Boxer, though he failed at the first attempt. Whilst Laybourn waited for Jackson to come around again, Jackson took the initiative with a demolition of Rick Clark by the gate before putting one or two on Laybourns' nose, eventually finishing the race for both of them. With plenty of wreckage to be seen around the circuit, only three cars finished this one, Lee West taking the nuts for Bad Company with Dan Reid and Dean Conyard the only other beneficiaries.

It was in the final that the Runners made up for what went before, supplementing their meagre haul taken to get them into the final with a massive 52 points as Richie Ahern led a cluster of Runners home. The Cowboys tried their best but missed out on the title by a matter of a few points. There was little involvement from the Rats in this one, so Ahern and Harry Rawlins managed a first and second before the first Cowboy came home, erstwhile Lightning Rod neophyte Mark Deacon, the Paul Whiteman topped up the haul ahead of Lee West and the only other points for Bad Company which secured third place for them in an eight car finish which saw only the Cream and the Messers grab any other points.

Although the Essex Boys had effectively removed the threat of the Wrekin Krew during the course of the meeting, they had also taken some considerable damage themselves, and they had yet to meet the Gladiators. The new team champions had no such problem to worry about, and as the cars came out for the last Rawlins 2000 qualifier of the year, there was much for the remaining Essex Boys to worry themselves over as nearly all the Glads made it onto the circuit! The best laid plans... Harry Rawlins came home as the winner of this one whilst Simon Smith survived for the final last car award as Dave Osborn conked out.

1300 Stock Cars
A rather dismal day at Arena Essex on October 17 as the 1300 Stock Cars took the circuit for the final time this season, Clark Wells winning the final as the majority of the cars fought with tricky circuit conditions caused by changeable weather and banger oil slicks. Andrew Reed and James Radcliffe took the other races whilst Darren Pratt was finally announced as the Drivers' Champion, having started the meeting far enough in front in the points not to be caught.

1. Banger Team Playoff Heat 1 466BC Lee Hackett 2BC 266AH 326SM 10MR 111CC 160CR 57MR 345CC 271EB
2. Banger Team Playoff Heat 2 425CR Steve Ashdown 99MR 102CC 395CC 101CC 490SM 462SM 287ME 112CR 242ME
3. 1300 Stock Cars Warm up 660 Andrew Read 668 711 699 646 658 701 698 631 770
4. Banger Team Playoff Heat 3 396SM Kev Harland 309AH 251BC 327SM 373AH 272SX
5. PRI Banger Teams Head to Head Final 423GL Danny Oliver
6. Banger Team Playoff Consolation 6BC Lee West 61CR 252AH NOCR
7. 1300 Stock Cars Final 711 Clark Wells 778 770 698 658 696 714 668 640 108
8. Banger Team Playoff Final 99MR Richie Ahern 57MR 102CC 10MR 2BC 111CC 101CC 242ME NOCR
9. 1300 Stock Cars Grand Finale 699 James Radcliffe 711 778 443 658 696 698 646 770 701
10. Bangers Rawlins 2000 57 Harry Rawlins 242 589

Last car: 589 Simon Smith

Points after 04/36

The points tables shown here are for guidance only. For official points, please consult the monthly newsletter or contact the promoter.

Team Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Consolation Final Total
Midnight Runners MR 9 9     52 70
Cowboys CC 7 21     34 62
Bad Company BC 19   8 8 12 47
The Menace SM 7 9 17     33
Ant Hill Mob AH 8   15 6   29
Cream Team CR 4 12   7   23
Messers ME   4     6 10
The S X Boyz SX     5     5
Essex Boys EB 1         1
The Gigglers GI           0
Wrekin Krew WK           0
Desert Rats DR           0
Buzzboyz BB           0
Team Champions Gladiators
Runner-up Team No Mush
Team Playoff Champions Midnight Runners
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