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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/34 Sunday, October 3, 2004
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The Terry Skeef Memorial
for Plastengrave Bangers
& Group A Hot Rods
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Plastengrave Bangers
Jason "Boxer Jack" Jackson finished the Plastengrave Non-Ford Banger series in style with a heat and final double in the Terry Skeef Memorial meeting at Arena Essex on October 3, topping it off by sharing the last car award in the Rawlins 2000 with Danny Oliver. Jackson, already uncatchable in the series as he entered the days' racing took a hard fought first heat, though the best action was saved for the second heat where Pete Blanchard (racing with Ray Laytons' number) beat Matt Fuller home. This heat saw, amongst other things, a monster hit by Jimmy Randall as he carried Sean Fuller down the back straight and into the pit armco, Randalls' car disappearing underneath as Fuller went into the air! Randall then reversed out and continued, but failed to finish, a situation that would eventually affect the series result as Matt Fuller came second again in the final to take second place ahead of Randall. In fact, it was a day of second places all round for Matt as he again grabbed second place in the Rawlins Qualifier behind John Harding in a race that saw nearly sixty cars take the circuit, an early rollover in traffic causing a restart with a slightly more manageable forty car field.

Group A Hot Rods
It has been a fairly memorable year for Keith Perren in the Group A Hot Rods, especially as he drove the number 3 car home to victory in the Terry Skeef Memorial final at Arena Essex on October 3. As usual, ribbons adorning their cars, a good field of Group A's turned in a sparkling performance, Dave Hutchins holding out for the first heat win while Gary Rouse took the second heat from the back of the grid. The third heat went to new bug Nigel Green who managed to stay well clear of Matt Leadbetter, a driver returning to the formula after some absence. Leadbetter would repeat his second spot in the final, unable to get the better of Perren by the line, while Steve Gooch led the superstar grades to get third place.

1. Plastengrave Bangers Heat 1 331 Jason Jackson 423 539 19 94 547 567 47
2. Group A Hot Rods Heat 1 86 Dave Hutchins 3 57 18 176 136 66 10 102 91
3. Plastengrave Bangers Heat 2 616 188 415 60 200 57 326 242
4. Group A Hot Rods Heat 2 63 Gary Rouse 135 112 174 82 49 86 44 119 133
5. Annual Staff Race
6. Group A Hot Rods Heat 3 57 Nigel Green 174 135 136 3 102 63 18 112 91
7. Plastengrave Bangers Terry Skeef Memorial 331 Jason Jackson 188 539 57 19 94 547 60 200 47
8. Group A Hot Rods Terry Skeef Memorial 3 Keith Perren 174 136 12 102 63 18 82 176 86
9. Bangers Rawlins 2000 Qualifier 160 John Harding 188 331

Last car: 331/423 Danny Oliver

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