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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/31 Sunday, September 12, 2004
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Group A Hot Rods Supreme Championship
Rising Stars Bangers
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Group A Hot Rods
The Supreme Championship for the Group A Hot Rods, Arena Essex, September 12, went the way of Dave Lamb in a race of mixed fortunes for the star graders. Lamb romped home comfortably after surviving an early battle for the front with Gary Rouse who was forced out of the race after only a quarter of the distance, while second place turned into a nail-biting struggle between Terry Bearman and Steve Gooch. Gooch stayed in front of Bearman almost all the way, Bearman forced to the outside line and unable to get more than a nose in front at any time until the pair started to run into back markers. With the race in its final stages, Gooch had to run wide to pass one back marker only to find Bearman sticking inside the pair of them as they cornered, Bearman then pulling away to take runner-up position while Gooch had to settle for third ahead of Steve Mills who made a great effort to finish fourth from the rear half of the starting grid.

Gooch and Bearman fight it out
Gooch and Bearman spent most of the race like this

Bearman would play second fiddle again in the first of the two supporting races, this time to Keith Perren who was doubling up his racing that day with a spell in the Rising Stars Bangers, Lamb third and Mills again finishing fourth, whilst Paul Haralambou managed to go one better in the second support race, beating Simon Simmons home, Trevor Gillman and Steve Smith behind that. Haralambou got close again in the meeting final, but was unable to hold off Gooch towards the end, though he did manage to stay ahead of Bearman and Lamb and a whole string of other star graders.

1. Group A Hot Rods Supreme Championship 82 Dave Lamb 91 136 23 135 18 3 137 176 94
2. Bangers Heat 1 552 Karl Douglas 56 466 507 539 v341 453 528 344 226
3. Group A Hot Rods Support race 1 3 Keith Perren 91 82 23 135 6 18 136 137 12
4. Bangers Heat 2 315 Gary Wilson 190 101 184 6 440 v3 112 174 241
5. Group A Hot Rods Support race 2 66 Paul Haralambou 112 101 184 6 16 12 102 119 10
6. Bangers Rising Stars Final 101 Garry Deacon 102 440 112 v341 241 528 NOCR
7. Group A Hot Rods Final 136 Steve Gooch 66 91 82 112 184 135 63 3 101
8. Bangers Rawlins 2000 Qualifier 241 Paul Korpiela 440 507

Last car: 241

Points after 04/31

The points tables shown here are for guidance only. For official points, please consult the monthly newsletter or contact the promoter.

Group A Hot Rods

No. Driver Home town Total
18 Chris Smith Longfield 219
136 Steve Gooch Sunbury 200
63 Gary Rouse Grays 195
91 Terry Bearman Sidcup 167
82 Dave Lamb Eltham 155
112 Simon Simmons Leytonstone 134
184 Steve Smith Longfield 111
176 Andy Beverton Ilford 97
135 Clinton Groom Slough 94
137 Ricky McCatty Slough 92
23 Steve Mills Upminster 79
134 Jason Griffiths Slough 79
10 Nicky Parris London 72
3 Keith Perren Waltham Abbey 71
43 Lee Ayton Sunbury on Thames 68
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