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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/21 Sunday, July 11, 2004
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Group A Hot Rods Jim Richards Memorial
All Sierra & Cavalier Bangers
Outlaw Hot Rods
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Outlaw Hot Rods
It was another successful day for Jimmy Bryan as he picked up a heat and final double in the Outlaw Hot Rod meeting at Arena Essex on July 11, hanging around the outside of the first heat to grab the first trophy of the day ahead of Gary Deal and Fred Smith, then he took full advantage of pole position in the final. Salvo Falcone managed to finish ahead of Terry Bell in the second heat.

Group A Hot Rods
Much of the winning at the Jim Richards Memorial for the Group A Hot Rods, Arena Essex on July 11, seemed to be done by the lower graded cars, only Dave Lamb breaking the trend in the second heat. Certainly it was a good meeting for Lee Ayton who managed a win in the first heat and third in the third heat while Chris Goldsmith put in some impressive drives, winning the third heat and getting third behind Steve Gooch and second heat winner Lamb.

However, the talking point of the meeting had to be the final which was easily won by Keith Perren in the Skeef special, a driver known more for his banger exploits but one that was more than happy to take the award when offered, especially considering that by staying out in front, he stayed well clear of a lot of what was going on behind him! The most notable incident was between Gary Rouse and Ryan Richards, the contact between them leading to two wrecks and a black flag for Richards. His car would suffer even more as the race continued, Rob Naismith spinning out of turn four into the dead car on the home straight. The race for second place changed hands right through the event, eventually going to Simon Simmonds ahead of Terry Bearman, though Richards wasn't alone on the centre green by the end.

Sierra & Cavalier Bangers
There had to be an extra race arranged for the Sierra and Cavalier Banger event at Arena Essex on July 11 due to extra cars turning up, though the day certainly seemd to be a ladies day as Kelly Wilson put in a heat and final double, something that hasn't been seen from a woman driver at Arena Essex in a considerable amount of time. She tried hard for three wins, but her car gave it up in the Rawlins Qualifier, though not before taking a few others out first!

Gary Brown spun out Alistair Cherrington towards the end of the first heat to win that race, Cherrington recovering to second place ahead of a string of Midnight Runners, Wilson winning the second heat ahead of Stephen Lee in a race that saw Stuart MacLaren disqualified for team racing, though the amount of warring going on between some teams ahead of the Final Eliminator was plain to see in this meeting, as has been the case for some weeks. Wilson then beat Jason Jackson home in the final, Boxer Jack seemingly having a number of things to occupy him on his way to the front while Kelly took the lead two laps from home. Boxer would eventually get a trophy in the Rawlins Qualifier, winning the race ahead of Mark Newman and Paul Hunter, the last car award going to Lewis Price, surviving the Ian Smith onslaught where many others failed.

1. Outlaw Hot Rods Heat 1 17 Jimmy Bryan 263 42 103 21 296 277 479 10 350
2. Group A Hot Rods Heat 1 - A & B 43 Lee Ayton 2 91 18 112 63 93 106 190 102
3. Bangers Heat 1 567 Gary Brown 120 331 401 10 330 349 601 3 263
4. Bangers Heat 2 332 Kelly Wilson 104 547 326 462 36 267 190 135 245
5. Group A Hot Rods Heat 2 - A & C 82 Dave Lamb 136 14 93 23 176 3 5 58 90
6. Outlaw Hot Rods Heat 2 479 Salvo Falcone 277 21 296 17 350 42 10 287 263
7. Group A Hot Rods Heat 3 - B & C 14 Chris Goldsmith 2 43 176 136 63 91 18 180 23
8. Bangers Final 332 Kelly Wilson 331 601 10 567 547 336 330 462 401
9. Group A Hot Rods Jim Richards Memorial 3 Keith Perren 112 91 18 93 180 63 136 23 14
10. Outlaw Hot Rods Final 17 Jimmy Bryan 479 277 296 42 20 10 287 263 21
11. Bangers Rawlins 2000 Qualifier 331 Jason Jackson 401 183

Last car: 349 Lewis Price

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