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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/19 Sunday, June 27, 2004
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The 2004 Festival of Speed
The Chick Woodroffe Memorial Trophies for Lightning Rods, Group A Hot Rods, Outlaw Hot Rods & 1300 Stock Cars
plus SuperBangers
& PRI Banger Essex vs. Kent Team Challenge
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In brief

The 2004 Festival of Speed produced the usual number of talking points, one of the major ones being the Banger County Challenge, won by the Essex team in a crushing display and a few old faces making an appearance including Dennie Whiteman for the Kent team and Kev Wilsher in the Essex team. The biggest hit, however, was reserved for Colchester driver Ian Smith who was pulled dazedly from the remains of his car in the second heat after Dean Goodearl launched a flying attack that left Smith's car totally crushed against the fence. The hit was acclaimed as probably the best of the year so far, though Smith was otherwise unhurt despite damage to his helmet following the collapse of his roll cage. Malcolm Smith and Richie Ahern provided wins in the heats with only Whiteman getting any points back in a good second heat performance, but with a two car advantage in the final, Essex finished off the Kentish team, Paul Wilks leading home five Essex drivers in all, although oddly no Essex cars featured later in the Rawlins Qualifier, the only Essex car to come up blowing up before the race!

Chris Smith won the Group A Hot Rod Festival Final for the Chick Woodroffe Trophy, being the only one to manage to squeeze past a determined defence of the front by points leader Gary Rouse, Steve Gooch picking up third when Terry Bearman was forced to the outside in the closing laps. Chris Goldsmith finished easily ahead of the field in the Helter-Skelter which featured more than one smash as cars lost their grip on a somewhat slippery fourth corner.

A determined drive by Jimmy Bryan paid off as he finally passed Terry Bell to take the Outlaw Hot Rod version of the title, though Bell was not destined to finish the race, Rick Fray moving up to second as a result ahead of Stu Hammond. The Helter-Skelter was taken by Neil Reeve, returning to the formula this meeting.

Darren Pratt took full advantage of his pole position in the Festival Final for the 1300 Stock Cars, winning ahead of James Radcliffe and Spike Ellis, Gavin Griffiths putting on quite a display to win in the Helter-Skelter.

Terry Shelvey managed to go one up on the new World Champion in the Lightning Rod Festival Final as he beat Mark Mackenzie, though Gary Madgwick could still get no further than third, then Lee Morrow took the Helter-Skelter after Anthony Lawrence was spun off the front.

The SuperBangers Festival Final was taken by Steve Davies, his run at the front breaking the 25 lap record for the formula as he jetted away from Nigel Carroll and Tubbs Butler, while the Helter-Skelter was won by Jamie Wilders ahead of day licence man Dan Allens.

1. ** Event cancelled **
2. Group A Hot Rods Festival Final 18 Chris Smith 63 136 184 91 137 23 94 190 119
3. Outlaw Hot Rods Festival Final 17 Jimmy Bryan 21 8 42 296 10 103 287 267 263
4. Banger Teams Heat 1 46 Malcolm Fuller NOCR
5. SuperBangers Festival Final 77 Steve Davies 82 41 42 88 483 294 40 441 16
6. 1300 Stock Cars Festival Final 631 Darren Pratt 696 658 698 699 674 620 675 771 668
7. Lightning Rods Festival Final 187 Terry Shelvey 161 133 234 240 152 288 299 218 272
8. Banger Teams Heat 2 99 Richard Ahern 1 NOCR
9. Group A Hot Rods Helter-Skelter 14 Chris Goldsmith 91 23 82 18 63 134 136 119 49
10. Outlaw Hot Rods Helter-Skelter 12 Neil Reeve 287 42 296 8 21 479 103 263 NOCR
11. SuperBangers Helter-Skelter 42 Jamie Wilders 16 41 15 441 294 155 415 29 NOCR
12. Banger Teams Final 328 Paul Wilks 188 330 560 99 NOCR
13. 1300 Stock Cars Helter-Skelter 771 Gavin Griffiths 620 699 698 658 668 631 674 772 646
14. Lightning Rods Helter-Skelter 240 Lee Morrow 234 218 187 272 161 239 121 288 152
15. Bangers Rawlins 2000 Qualifier 57 Harry Rawlins 592 169

Last car: 169 Lenny Brinkley

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