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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/14 Sunday, May 30, 2004
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Group A Hot Rods Dean Kemp Memorial
Outlaw Hot Rods
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Group A Hot Rods
It was something of a day of mishaps for the Group A Hot Rods at Arena Essex as they met for the Dean Kemp Memorial meeting on May 30. Whilst the first event went smoothly enough, 1300 Stock Car man Paul Haralambou grabbing the inside line late in the race to win it ahead of Andy Beverton and Dave Lamb, long time leader Bill Witherall dropping down to seventh after going a bit wide. The second heat, however, was anything but. It seemed that all was going well with Bradley Sullivan leading the field ahead of a nice field of higher grades until Ricky McCatty blew his engine immediately ahead of the lead group, dumping his sump around the pit bend. With no time to do anything about it, Sullivan managed to turn his car around to halt himself, only to be picked up and slammed into the turn three armco by Clinton Groom, followed quickly by Chris Smith, Gary Rouse and Lamb. Indeed, with so many cars dead, the restarted race was reduced in length and Witherall managed to grab a trophy after all while more than one team was feverishly working away in the pits to get something ready for the final. Chris Fuller managed an easy win in the third heat ahead of a last minute drive by Steve Gooch, putting Mark Cook back to third, but the final proved just as momentous. If McCatty was unlucky with his engine, or Groom with big crashes in two formulas this year, you can spare a thought for Lamb who, having worked to get his car running for the final, ended up in exactly the same spot in the fence, this time after getting caught by a spinning Haralambou car. He was furious, but there was little that anyone could do! Nicky Bearman made good progress throughout the race but would eventually lose out to the eventual winner, Steve Smith, who drove well from the back, pursued by Rouse who had also reconstructed his car after the second heat crash, Ben Eastmead and Nick Hill following them.

Outlaw Hot Rods
Jimmy Bryan continued his assault on the drivers' championship at Arena Essex in the Outlaw Hot Rods on May 30, winning the first heat of the day in a battle with the distinctive Audi TT of Stu Hammond in a race that was affected by a brief shower just before the start. Dave Fry spun out in that heat but would return in the second with a drier racing line and a better grid position, Bryan retiring after losing a door in an argument with a somewhat loose pit bend which was still affecting the racing following an earlier incident with the Group A formula. Terry Bell took the lead early in the meeting final and held it all the way, breaking away from the field while Bryan managed to overcome Hammond with Fry in tow in a close tussle through the race along with Chris Wood, who made a terrific effort before his car let him down, though he did at least accompany Bell on the pace car as he took his third place points championship trophy for 2003!

With the current points leader suspended, it was time for a few new faces to take trophies in the Ministox meeting at Arena Essex on May 30, Darrel "Fat Boy" Smith being the one to take two winners' trophies to start with, holding off Danny Morrow and Kerri Witherington in the first heat and easily winning the helter-skelter race ahead of Scott Waite, while Jack Tuffen nicked the third place trophy from Kerri on the last turn. The second heat of the day was scrambled somewhat as the trio that led most of the race ended up in trouble as Charlie Court ended up being spun out by Tom Waller, for which the latter was disqualified from the race, Waite managing to hold on as cars spun around him and Danny Stevens and Stuart Palmer found their way to the front as replacements. Andrew Taylor found an inside line on Brad Turner in the consolation to win there, with Court finally getting a trophy in third, before Palmer easily took the final trophy with Billy Hobbs a distant second from Paul Scully.

1. Group A Hot Rods Heat 1 - A & B 66 Paul Haralambou 176 82 135 63 184 58 146 90 86
2. Ministox Heat 1 589 Darrel Smith 540 548 514 517 542 593 522 504 516
3. Ministox Heat 2 530 Danny Stevens 521 536 543 549 500 577 588 562 503
4. Group A Hot Rods Heat 2 - A & C 58 Bill Witherall 134 31 12 190 136 112 176 38 66
5. Outlaw Hot Rods Heat 1 17 Jimmy Bryan 8 277 21 35 42 10 296 479 47
6. Ministox Consolation 572 Andrew Taylor 565 506 539 599 509 515 537
7. Group A Hot Rods Heat 3 - B & C 190 Chris Fuller 136 12 134 180 93 119 90 112 146 86
8. Outlaw Hot Rods Heat 2 20 Dave Fry 296 277 479 10 285 42 8 35 350
9. Ministox Final 521 Stuart Palmer 574 537 548 549 504 516 562 588 572
10. Group A Hot Rods Dean Kemp Memorial 184 Steve Smith 63 180 90 119 12 136 93 176 102
11. Outlaw Hot Rods Final 277 Terry Bell 17 20 8 10 479 42 285 267 287
12. Ministox Helter-Skelter 589 Darrel Smith 536 517 548 514 530 588 593 549 504

Points after meeting 04/14

Please note that the points shown are unofficial and are given as a guideline only. For the official standings, you should consult the monthly newsletter or contact the PRI Office during office hours on (01708) 867728.

Group A Hot Rods

No. Driver Home town Points
136 Steve Gooch Sunbury 78
63 Gary Rouse Grays 72
18 Chris Smith Longfield 65
137 Ricky McCatty Slough 60
134 Jason Griffiths Slough 54
180 Ben Eastmead Meopham 52
112 Simon Simmons Leytonstone 51
190 Chris Fuller Basildon 46
91 Terry Bearman Sidcup 45
119 Nichola Bearman Penge 40
115 Steve Goldsmith 39
5 Ryan Richards Bexley 38
176 Andy Beverton Ilford 34
86 David Hutchins Tunbridge 28
31 Ian Jardine Ilford 28

Outlaw Hot Rods

No. Driver Home town Points
277 Terry Bell Chelmsford 69
17 Jimmy Bryan Purley 68
479 Salvo Falcone London 61
21 Rick Fray High Wycombe 53
8 Stu Hammond Croydon 52
296 Chris Wood Braintree 43
3 Dave Hitchen Purley 42
42 Fred Smith Northfleet 41
20 Dave Fry High Wycombe 32
10 Simon Smith Billericay 31
35 Wayne Souter 22
198 Andy Steward 20
47 Alex MacLean Canvey Island 19
285 Trevor Ward 18
840 Paul Young Ringwood 18


No. Driver Home town Points
547 Daniel Moulston Erith 88
537 Paul Scully Luton 77
593 Jack Harrington Wickford 72
515 Joseph Simmons Leytonstone 71
516 Jack Wheelwright Billericay 67
500 Jamie McAngus Grays 67
549 Phillip Smith Colchester 65
543 Lee Middleton Luton 65
562 Liam Friel Thamesmead 63
588 Josh Fuller Hockley 61
504 Billy Standing St Albans 57
530 Danny Stevens Orpington 55
583 Daniel Weeks Tenterten 51
503 Ben Murray Dagenham 49
532 Samantha Hayfield Basildon 49

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