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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/12 Sunday, May 16, 2004
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Unlimited Banger Open SHOOTOUT III
2l Saloon Stock Cars Essex Championship
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Psychedelic Roy Rawlins and his flower hearse!

Bangers "Shootout"
It was certainly going to be a hard act to follow the 2003 Shootout, but cars from around the country gathered at Arena Essex on May 16 to try their best in the third annual unlimited open banger meeting. The meeting certainly started out in a colourful way as Roy Rawlins brought out a psychedlic DS420 hearse, Roy also dressed for the occasion, which got him one of a number of special awards given out throughout the meeting.

The first heat was a little understrength, seemingly the majority of the drivers seemed reluctant to come out too early, though the cars that did come out tried their best, only seven cars surviving with ex-World Champion, John Harris, jetting away for the first win of the day. Things were better in the second heat, a pile-up on turn two claiming a number of cars, though the battle between Tommy McGurk and Dean Goodearl which spilled across the centre green did end up incurring the wrath of the steward. Darren Ahern had been leading the race for quite a time until Shane Davies took a hand and clobbered him head on just on the pit bend on the last lap, RDC regular John Millen grabbing the win ahead of Annette Nichols. The third heat, however, was notable for the unfortunate occurrance that every racer, fan and official hopes will never happen. Gary Greenland had been effectively put out of the race, his car stuck sideways on the home straight as Andrew Davies led the race. Having jumped from the car, he was heading towards the centre green when he was hit by an oncoming car on the safety track. Greenland was taken to the local hospital and was later treated for leg injuries. The race was declared, Davies taking the trophy, but the occurrance put something of a damper on the proceedings at that point. The consolation went to current RJK points leader Jason Jackson in a typical consolation smackdown, at least once the damaged pit gate was closed! It seemed that Elliott Dobson was in need of a little wrecking practice, consistantly missing his targets, one of the best shots coming from Lee Madden who fenced Mark Telfer near the end of the race.

With the defending champion unable to take part, it was down to Jackson to see if he could regain the title after winning it at the inaugural meeting in 2002. The Shootout final was, in the early stages at least, more about speed and passing than anything else though, with bangers, it is often only a matter of time before something comes together, usually with crushing consequences. Rawlins suffered steering damage after an early spin courtesy of Madden, though Nichols was having steering problems of her own which would eventually see her stuck on the pit wall, Harris in the side. Harris was pretty much dead after this too, especially with only three wheels left, Nichols getting a second t-bone after that which would snap the cage, though Annette did escape safely. Things at the front of the race were getting heated as heat two winner Millen was in a head to head sprint for a gap with Jackson on the last two corners of the race. Jackson got the gap and the winners' trophy, Millen jumped a sleeper and ended up dead inside the pit bend with Steve Williams' car inserted from behind.

Billy King won the Shootout version of the Rawlins 2000 qualifier, while third place car, Terry Freakes, survived the carnage to take the last car award while Simon Smith and Jason Mills tried everything to seperate their cars after a big shunt jammed them together.

2l Saloon Stock Cars
A record number of Saloon Stock Cars turned out for their only meeting at Arena Essex in 2004, that being the May 16 "Shootout" meeting, for the Essex Championship which was won by Andy Mews in a hectic meeting that also saw a double win for Shaun Webster in the heats, moving easily through the field in the first heat and overcoming Paul Liquorice in a tussle in the second. Late booking Duncan Long managed to grab the other heat.

Drivers list

2 litre Saloon Stock Cars

001 Philip Morgan Kingsbridge
2 Paul Tuppen Rainham
3 Derrick Howard Grimsby
6 Horry Barnes Dereham
15 Jon Sparks Starcross
26 Tommy Barnes Dereham
32 Mark Gilbert Stowbridge
51 Paul Liquorice Wisbech
71 Gordon Alexander Bonnyrigg
84 Lizzie Crowden-Murfin Newark
93 Adrian Haddon Wisbech
103 Chris Horwell Langport
114 Nick Courtier
120 Adrian Lowman Cullompton
126 Willie Barnes Dereham
150 Andrew Parrin Wisbech
167 Richard Crosby Huntingdon
183 Andy Mews Wisbech
199 Philip Powell Taunton
207 Darren Bradford Newton Abbot
219 Clive Grief Peterborough
244 Ian Frampton Poole
269 Glenn Chalkley Torquay
272 Wayne Doddington Bungay
301 Colin Coupland Sawston
311 Steve Newman Spalding
312 Neil Payne Norwich
368 Steve Santry Cambridge
382 Danny Hunt Newton Abbot
401 Steven Webster Sheffield
402 Shaun Webster Sheffield
417 Fred Powell King's Lynn
425 Richard Baldwin Halifax
428 Lee Sampson King's Lynn
441 Philip Martin Farnborough
468 Kelvin Nichols Norwich
470 David Vaughan Brighouse
490 Ian Jarman Boston
499 David Aldous Diss
511 Craig Barnett Dereham
512 Darren Barnett Dereham
525 Jason Elvin Boston
625 James Strath
654 Paul Soper Bovey Tracey
666 Stan Petty
677 Eddie Darby Ashburton
689 Neil Williamson Kinross
708 John Murfin Leek
711 Clark Wells Basildon
720 Shane Brown Bridgwater
917 Graham Rutherford Brighton
1. Bangers Heat 1 418 John Harris 49 841 322 277 589 555 NOCR
2. Saloon Stocks Heat 1 - A & B 402 Shaun Webster 219 150 183 425 677 114 15 207 84
3. Bangers Heat 2 917 Graham Rutherford 536 10 248 6 199 121 158 377 484
4. Bangers Heat 3 47 Andrew Davies 328 423 395 733 287 188 552 242 203
5. Saloon Stocks Heat 2 - A & C 402 Shaun Webster 51 382 499 001 199 677 244 401 654
6. Bangers Consolation 331 Jason Jackson 20 336 57 290 171 356 NOCR
7. Saloon Stocks Heat 3 - B & C 22 Duncan Long 499 382 150 001 244 425 654 368 183
8. Bangers Shootout III Final 331 Jason Jackson 158 49 10 57 248 188 20 287 121
9. Saloon Stocks Essex Championship 183 Andy Mews 219 199 654 382 001 402 84 150 425
10. Bangers Rawlins 2000 Qualifier 49 Billy King 589 471

Last car: 471 Terry Freakes

Special Awards

Event 1 555 Roy Rawlins
Event 3 271 Dean Goodearl
30 Tommy McGurk
208 Jimmy Randall
Event 4 423 Danny Oliver
188 Matt Fuller
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