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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 04/03 Sunday, March 28, 2004
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Sierra & Cavalier Bangers
Outlaw Hot Rods
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Meeting in brief

With all the weather problems at the first couple of meetings at Arena Essex in 2004, it was interesting to see how things went in the March 28 meeting for the Outlaw Hot Rods and Ministox. The meeting also featured Sierra and Cavalier Bangers, a formula that was originally designed to be run as a form of manufacturer's team event but, when the day came, it was run as a normal banger event, so few Sierras being brought out.

Sierras meet Cavaliers
Terry Peacock's Sierra meets a Cavalier

In fact, the Cavalier dominated the meeting for the bangers; most of the front runners drove them, including heat winners Anthony Oak and Paul Whiteman and final winner Jason Jackson who put himself further into the overall RJK Export Championship lead with his performance on this day. Oak managed to grab the win easily from Jackson in the first heat with Jimmy Randall holding off Kevin Elmore for third spot, whilst the second race started with Wayne Holton being pushed onto the track by a Ministox driven by Craig Oliver! Whiteman took this race on and grabbed the lead roughly mid way, winning easily whilst Mark Newman battled Stephen Lee right through the closing stages to keep hold of second place. The final, and allcomers' affair, saw forty-one cars running. With that many on track, it was inevitable that the race would soon become a scrap with only seven cars finishing in all. Turn one became the first site for wrecking but soon the circuit filled up with scrap metal, one notable performance being Roy Laybourn who seemed to be on a mission, hitting anything he could get his increasingly wrecked car to aim for. Second heat winner Whiteman also saw some action, burying Colin Burnham on the pit bend. Turn four eventually became completely blocked, more damage being caused as some runners tried to punt their way through, though one notable fact was that many of the remaining cars happened to be in the blue and white of the Midnight Runners, an interesting thought given the coming team event at Easter. Only Simon Smith and Greig Cheeseman survived to break up the colours led by Jackson, Newman, Harry Rawlins, Whiteman and Randall, everything else dead and buried. With all the damage, it was surprising to see how much returned for the Rawlins 2000 qualifier, and certainly a number of the returning cars seemed ready only for a last thump. Oddly, on the subject of teams, it seemed that the Gladiator team was wrecking itself at the start of the race, but the state of the field at the end of the final told on them all, with the final winners taking the event, led up by Paul Whiteman. With Smith burning brightly on the pit bend, Jimmy Randall survived the attentions of Matt Fuller to grab the last car running award.

Things started well for the Ministox on March 28 at Arena Essex, with heat wins for a couple of debut wins; Harry Stevens won ahead of Josh Fuller and Ben Murray, the latter racing well from the back of the field in race one, while Liam Friel took the second heat, just holding the last corner, with Luke Armiger and Dan Weeks behind. The consolation, however, took a long time to get going with a staggering four restarts! With twenty-five cars on the circuit to start with, all went well to start with until Billy Hobbs, Alfie Lee and Ryan Cunningham crashed heavily on turn one, Lee getting stuck mid-track; hence the first red flag. The next attempt saw Dan Mellish collecting Scott Waite, Rob Marsh and Rob Hull on turn one, George Goodearl being disqualified for starting the incident, and we had another complete restart to do. One non-starter scrambled the next attempt, so the starter red flagged it, and we were on to our fourth start attempt, but another non-starter in that meant that we went to a fifth start and many of use were wondering if we would ever see the Outlaw Hot Rods again! The fifth start proved successful, however, and we finally got a result, Michael Outen winning after passing Billy Saunders who had led most of the race, Saunders dropping to fourth by the end, Sam Hayfield and Christopher Whiteman getting the other eggcups. The trouble was that the final seemed in danger of copying the consolation, with another crash on turn one between Jamie McAngus and Roy Laybourn and the turn one armco. They ordered the cars up for a restart and, once the clerk of the course had warned Dan Weeks about jumping the start, they all got going again. All seemed well, but as the leaders started to move through some of the tail enders, so it all went wrong again. Inside the last three laps, Dan Moulston spun Sean Groom inside turn two, then Bill Hobbs collected Lee Middleton in what became a series of crashes under the QE2 bridge which brought the race to an abrupt end, the win going to Dan Weeks who had just managed to stay in front of Jamie McAngus and Josh Fuller. Similar events also marred the helter-skelter, which was won by Joseph Simmons ahead of Luke Armiger and Craig Oliver, back from his banger shunting duties!

Luke Armiger
Luke Armiger cornering...
Can't see the tape!
Salvo Falcone in the lead, and you can't see the tape from here!

The Outlaw Hot Rods seemed to have their own problems at the March 28 Arena Essex meeting, various mistakes leading to crunches that seemed to give some of the drivers artistic thoughts on the use of gaffer tape! After Rick Fray had easily won the warm up race, a number of cars met up on the back straight in a crash that left some of them in pieces, which were all picked up and put back together with copious amounts of tape for the final! Salvo Falcone, who won that final, favoured the colour coordinated yellow tape to stitch up his back panels, while Terry Bell favoured a contrasting silver effect on his car. Not that this stopped the damage, especially as Jimmy Bryan, having taken the exit from the pit bend rather wide on one lap, caught the side of the dead Dave Hitchen car and tore his passenger door loose! Bryan, minus door, kept going and finished, while the door was retrieved as the cars passed onto the back straight. Bryan had also been involved in the warm up shunt, though it didn't look like he had used any tape on his car. Falcone won the final ahead of Clinton Groom, who had escaped the shunting session, while Fray held off Bryan and Stu Hammond for third place. The helter-skelter was even closer, though the amount of tape in use didn't seem to have increased appreciably, Gary Deal just winning over Terry Bell and Dave Hitchen.

1. Ministox Heat 1 531 Harry Stevens 588 503 542 516 524 500 506 547 520
2. Ministox Heat 2 562 Liam Friel 519 583 518 515 537 548 512 572 529
3. Sierra & Cavalier Bangers Heat 1 474 Anthony Oak 331 208 462 169 330 543 26 252 336
4. Ministox Consolation 539 Michael Outen 532 556 501 526 514 543 533 593 517
5. Outlaw Hot Rods Warm up 21 Rick Fray 3 8 479 277 135 17 20 103 296
6. Sierra & Cavalier Bangers Heat 2 10 Paul Whiteman 401 104 57 412 116 589 312 248 592
7. Ministox Final 583 Dan Weeks 500 588 518 547 516 532 515 512 593
8. Outlaw Hot Rods Final 479 Salvo Falcone 135 21 8 17 20 103 296 267 263
9. Sierra & Cavalier Bangers Final 331 Jason Jackson 401 589 57 10 208 312 NOCR
10. Ministox Helter-Skelter 515 Joseph Simmons 519 542 506 562 500 540 547 548 537
11. Outlaw Hot Rods Helter-Skelter 263 277 3 103 20 267 21 135 17 479
12. Bangers Rawlins 2000 Qualifier 10 Paul Whiteman 331 401

Last car: 208 Jimmy Randall

M515 Joseph Simmons - Penalised 2 places in event 7 (avoidable contact)
M136 Ryan Cunningham - Disqualified (deliberate contact) from event 10.

Points after meeting 04/03

Please note that the points shown are unofficial and are given as a guideline only. For the official standings, you should consult the monthly newsletter or contact the PRI Office during office hours on (01708) 867728.

RJK Export Bangers

No. Driver Home Town   Promotion Pts.
331 Jason Jackson Rainham PRI 105
57 Harry Rawlins PRI 48
10 Paul Whiteman Bean PRI 45
208 Jimmy Randall Romford PRI 43
401 Mark Newman Rainham PRI 39
46 Malcolm Fuller Hockley PRI 37
589 Simon Smith Colchester PRI 37
474 Anthony Oak Ashstead PRI 32
567 Gary Brown Romford PRI 25
111 Waz Barber PRI 24
63 Paul Ruskin PRI 24
336 Ian Smith Colchester PRI 22
321 Lee Caunter Colchester PRI 21
423 Danny Oliver Chelmsford PRI 18
116 Mark Want Romford PRI 15

Outlaw Hot Rods

No. Driver Home town Points
21 Rick Fray High Wycombe 22
479 Salvo Falcone London 18
135 Clinton Groom Taplow 17
3 Dave Hitchen 17
277 Terry Bell 15
8 Stu Hammond Croydon 15
20 Dave Fry High Wycombe 14
103 Alan White Rayleigh 13
17 Jimmy Bryan Purley 12
263 11
267 Steve Phillips 7
296 Chris Wood Braintree 4


No. Driver Home town Points
583 Daniel Weeks Tenterten 28
500 Jamie McAngus Grays 27
588 Josh Fuller Hockley 25
515 Joseph Simmons Leytonstone 22
518 Bradley Turk Higham 21
519 Luke Armiger Basildon 18
547 Daniel Moulston Erith 17
516 Jack Wheelwright Billericay 16
562 Liam Friel Thamesmead 16
542 Craig Oliver Chelmsford 15
532 Samantha Hayfield Hatfield 15
531 Harry Stevens Orpington 10
506 Charlie Court Grays 10
539 Michael Outen Horndon on the Hill 8
503 Ben Murray Dagenham 8

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