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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 02/35 Sunday, October 6, 2002

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The Terry Skeef Memorial Meeting
Plastengrave Non-Ford Bangers
Group A Hot Rods
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In Brief
Winner photo
Chris Smith completes a meeting triple and becomes the 2002 Terry Skeef Memorial champion

The Terry Skeef Memorial 2002 saw a clean sweep for Chris Smith in his Group A Corsa which, for once, didn't let him down as he easily took the Memorial title to round off his success on October 6 at Arena Essex. Winning all three of his races, Smith is automatically raised to blue grade, the only other race of the day going to Dave Lamb after overcoming the Maryland Mini, Simon Simmons managing to hold on to third place in his heat behind Tony Moss.

The Terry Skeef Memorial meeting on October 6 saw the end of the season-long Plastengrave Non-Ford Banger series, and though Frank Skinner put in a good effort on the day, taking the Memorial final as well as coming second in the Rawlins 2000 qualifier, he fell short of the total series points amassed by Matt Fuller who, despite being pinned to the wall by Grieg Cheeseman in one race and failing to score on the day, had done enough to secure this years' Plastengrave title, with Skinner second and Andrew Chapman in third. Wins on the day also went to Colin Voller and Lee Pierce in the heats, Cheeseman taking the Rawlins 2000 qualifier while the smallest (and probably the oldest) car on the circuit, an Austin A40 driven by Mark Want, took the last car award.

Bangers picture
The 2002 Plastengrave awards. Nice offcuts...
Staff Winners
All the smug bas... er... victorious staffers together

The Arena Essex annual staff race was won by defending champion Henry Ashworth Jr., this year unencumbered by his father, and following a pile-up on the roadway bend which did for the pit crew contingent. Rob Porter took control of the Steve Davies special for second place and its best position on the day, while St. John's Ambulance got in on the act, Steve Hines taking third spot.

Staff racers
101 Henry Ashworth Jr. (Marshall)
77 Rob Porter (Commentator)
321 Steve Hines (SJA)
210 Craig Neville (SJA)
523 Lauren (SJA)
332 Little Les (Marshall)
520 Lofty (Marshall)
708 Richard Heywood
188 Jim Lazarus (Steward)
500 Ian
189 Alex Williamson (Pit gate)
35 Darren
661 "Cheeseburger" (Hold the onions)

1. Group A Hot Rods Heat 1 18 Chris Smith 12 134 92 23 100 184 148
2. Plastengrave Bangers 1 285 Colin Voller 353 193 415 520 398 158 385 72 V51 547 462 128
3. Plastengrave Bangers 2 628 Lee Pierce 457 348 589 312 235 345 449 228 407 297 523
4. Group A Hot Rods Heat 2 82 Dave Lamb 92 112 83 184 197 49 12
5. Staff Race 101 Henry Ashworth Jr. 77 321 210 102 708 35 NOCR
6. Group A Hot Rods Heat 3 18 Chris Smith 134 82 83 197 23 174 94
7. Plastengrave Bangers Final 193 Frank Skinner 415 101 348 449 312 72 547
8. Group A Hot Rods Final 18 Chris Smith 134 92 83 184 63 197 23
9. Plastengrave Bangers R2Kq 312 Grieg Cheeseman 200 457

Last car: 116 Mark Want

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Photo client map You'd think they'd be happier having just won! Mark Want does for Ricky Korpiela for the last car award Kelly Wilson and Andrew Davies 'K-I-S-S-I-N-G'! Bill Wenham; 'Will someone get this car off me?!?' Rob Chiddle meets with Dave Macaroni and friends... The Rawlins 2000 qualifier starts with the usual bang Chris Smith completes a meeting triple and becomes the 2002 Terry Skeef Memorial champion The Plastengrave winners; (left to right) Andrew Chapman (3rd), Frank Skinner (2nd) and Matt Fuller (Winner) and entourage Matt Fuller becomes the Plastengrave champion for 2002 Frank Skinner, the 2002 Terry Skeef Memorial champion Ah, that's a better view! Um... yes... sorry... Steve Gooch and Neal Gardiner come together. Both loaded up for what happened after... All the smug bas... er... victorious staffers together Steve Hines in third spot Rob Porter is the one on the left Two years running for Little Henry in the staff race Oh, you want to go that way... Make up your mind which way you want to go! Dave Lamb takes the trophy, and more besides! Dave Lamb takes Simon Simmons outside... perhaps I should rephrase that Simon Simmons and his early lead Dave Lamb cruising away OK, so this is a Ford! Elliott Smith waits for a lift Clive Killick and the best way to kill a Vauxhall Lee Pierce gets a shiny thing Dean Conyard's car. Well almost. And I thought *my* car was sick... The war continues, red flags permitting! Colin Voller Terry Peacock's memorial car Dave Macaroni and Wayne Holton on turn two Steve Davies makes a rare banger appearance Mark Wants' A40, before... The 2002 Plastengrave awards. Nice offcuts... Mark Cook leads Chris Smith out of the pit turn Nothing here!
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