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Arena Essex Raceway - Meeting 02/27 Sunday, August 18, 2002

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Lightning Rods Rawlins Transport Supreme Q/R 3
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In Brief

A scorchingly hot Sunday at Arena Essex on August 18 saw some great action on the Purfleet tarmac, including double wins in the BriSCA F2's, extra action for the Lightning Rods as the last Rawlins Transport Supreme Qualifier proved popular enough to add a race and the Bangers included a blast from the past and the latest round of the Cream/Runner war.

There was a surprisingly good turnout for the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars given the number of meetings around the country, and whilst Peter Hobbs managed to get a double win with a heat and the Grand National qualifier, Mick Sworder went one better by winning the other heat and final. Andy Maynard also took a lap of honour at the start of racing following his Isle of Man victory. Possibly the most promising performance of the day, however, was David Polley who led the most laps of the day, despite not getting a victory - second being his best result behind Sworder in the second heat.

It was a day of surprise wins and crashes in the Lightning Rods, with Martin Cookman and Martyn Jones grabbing heat trophies whilst Mick Thompson, betrayed by his car in his heat which he almost won, had to settle for second in the consolation behind Chris Garry. The biggest surprise was left for Dave Meningen who was awarded the trophy for the final after Paul Harris, who finished first, was docked a place for avoidable contact, one of three drivers to suffer this penalty in a meeting that wasn't short of a few crashes - John Christie and Paul Hollands were both sent to the wall during the meeting as was Rob Deville and Chris Chao. Mick Mulcahy took a win in a helter-skelter race at the end of the meeting.

If team wars have become popular at Arena Essex, it has to be a result of team wars gone by, and if we expected to see the Cream Team and the Midnight Runners have it off, we certainly did not expect to see a Suicide Squad car on the track, but that is exactly what we saw as Den Whiteman made a now rare outing in colours, only to be trashed in a head-on from Shane Davies of the Creams. However, with the blast from the past out of the way and Whiteman unable to get his lump going, it was business as usual with the best shot of the day coming from Paul Whiteman, though credit would possibly be given to Frank Skinner who picked Whiteman Jr. up and pushed him full speed down the home straight, right up the tailpipe of John Harding who was totally unprepared for the shunt, exchanging shots with Mark Newman at the time. Having said all that, the events were full of good contact, and some good racing too with Sonny Sherwood returning to winning ways with a close race in the final, winning over Bradley Hampton and Paul Eve, with heat wins to Mick Bradbury and Jimmy Randall. Sherwood also won the Rawlins 2000 qualifier before the DD produced a four way wrecking session which was won by Len Brinkley.

1. Lightning Rods Heat 1 238 Martin Cookman 229 225 187 195 272 118 166
2. Lightning Rods Heat 2 232 Martyn Jones 161 299 212 245 170 201 107
3. BriSCA F2 Heat 1 8 Peter Hobbs 152 134 38 657 15 277 154 628 30
4. Bangers Heat 1 308 Mick Bradbury 345 57 462 348 383 23 72
5. Lightning Rods Consolation 144 Chris Garry 167 169 233 266 153 231 121
6. BriSCA F2 Heat 2 152 Mick Sworder 38 277 657 261 134 8 154 237 628
7. Bangers Heat 2 208 Jimmy Randall 597 19 163 129 203 253 49
8. Lightning Rods FINAL 170 Dave Meningen 225 229 161 169 266 272 233
9. BriSCA F2 FINAL 152 Mick Sworder 261 134 38 657 8 30 154 511 237
10. Bangers FINAL 348 Sonny Sherwood 341 163 203 23 169 345 193
11. Lightning Rods H/S 229 Mick Mulcahy 237 225 161 212 166 187 299
12. BriSCA F2 GNq 8 Peter Hobbs 657 261 154 38 15 362 30 152 511
13. Bangers R2Kq 348 Sonny Sherwood 32 247
Last car running: 169 Len Brinkley

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Len Brinkley, last car winner with race winner Sonny Sherwood We'll destroy that Bateman car somehow! Frank Skinner goes for Len Brinkley in the DD Len Brinkley 'distresses' Dean Bateman Peter Hobbs and trophy, one of two today Mick Mulcahy and supporters' club Trev Draynor getting close to Martin Cookman Mark Newman's pitbound effort Russell and Jake, sitting in a tree... Never work with animals... Sonny Sherwood getting back to winning ways Phil Stevens masterclass on losing your no-claims bonus Jimmy Randall chugging away And the war goes on... F2 Final winners Mick Sworder, Andy Maynard and Daniel Rogers Andy Maynard, hot off his Isle of Man TT success, leading Peter Hobbs Dave Meningen finally grabs a trophy Dave Meningen in the closing stages of the SQR final Mick Mulcahy gets the better of Chris Garry 'We need 161 on track now!' 'What number is he?' :) Mark MacKenzie is 161... Jimmy Randall (the one on the left!) Ricky Korpiela puts this used car through its paces One owner, little old lady that drove it to church on Sundays... John Harding's wreck... Paul Whiteman woz ere! Mick Sworder... another race, another trophy... Mick Sworder gets inside line on Nick Wood Chris Garry wins a heat Chris Garry in the lead, behind him World War 3 is about to explode Chris Jones struggling with the corners Mick Bradbury. Now how might you describe this expression? :) No, you are not seeing things. Den Whiteman and Shane Davies and a taste of things past Andy Maynard going fast. Seems to make a habit of it... Although he didn't win anything, Dave Polley led the most number of laps through the entire meeting Martyn Jones looking pleased. Well, he did win a heat! An easy, if unexpected victory for Martyn Jones Mick Thompson on his way to winning? Sorry, the car had other ideas... (c) 2002 Crashnet Anyone know what this means? :) Captain Chaos does it again! Chris Chao in a pile up with Rob Deville on turn two Martin Cookman and supporters Paul Hollands had a mixed day of it Brian Orriss takes to the air on the back straight courtesy of Air Garry Chris Garry in the first heat early on Martin Cookman sprinting ahead of the pack
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