Sunday, 14th. November, 1999

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Wimbledon Stadium (Spedeworth)
Unlimited Bangers World Championship 1999
1300 Stock Cars London Championship

A somewhat cold but dry day on November 14 as Spedeworth held their usual Unlimited Banger World Final at Wimbledon along with action from the 1300cc saloons in the Stock Car London Championship. After the usual pre-racing diversions were out of the way, we plunged into the "support" banger heats, this year following the format that was agreed at the BBA which would mean that, for the first time, these races would become "last chance" races with the winner going through to the main event.

The material was a little dissappointing, with the vast majority of the cars on show being Granadas with the odd Jaguar and a single Rover. The action was better, however, with a wheel causing a stop in the first heat, the restart seeing Paul "Winkle" Tompkins lap the entire field to win, second place Gordon Coull deciding that a few wrecks wouldn't stop him taking second place with the whole race spread so wide with no chance of catching up. The second race also stopped after a couple of laps after Trevor Baker flew into Martina Allen (Melons to you!) so hard that he fell onto his side! All emerged unharmed, though te same could not be said for Melons' wreck! The win went the way of Paul "Gizmo" Totham, who led the restart away and couldn't be stopped. Of the visitors, Davey Cox seemed to be getting an uncharacteristic beating while Phil Stevens of PRI was dishing it out in successive jackings on Andrew Lane and Carl Allen on turn three.

Between the heats, in an unusual move, the smart cars were brought out for inspection. This was due to the fact that Trevor Buckley had really gone to town on his car and, since he was due to come out in the second heat, it seemed a shame to award his prize to a wrecked memory. Special mention to Willie Skoyles and his lone Jaguar in the parade and Lloyd Isherwood in his Incarace Granada Coupe.

The final was another fraught affair, though a couple of faces were noticeable by their absence, including current TSR supremo Carl Overy, though Chuvit, Speedy, Sonic and Pete Winter made up for that. The final itself was changed, much as the other BBA organised events had been, so where the Spedeworth qualifiers were cut down to ten, the number of other promotions' qualifiers were increased to provide a race that would rival the previous years for numbers, even if the Spedeworth drivers would need to work harder. Brett Ellacott managed to appeal successfully, so the Autospeed ace who almost managed to pull it off last year before a last quarter wreck joined Shane Brown and the two Hunts in the Autospeed lineup, with the furthest travellors being GMP's John Mason, Onchan's Chris Crellin and the usual CAMSO rep, Geert Roubroeks. Indeed Mason managed to pick out the pole position alongside RDC's Dave Vincent, with Shayn Winsor and Alan Tarn behind them.

Mason didn't stay there long, however. Spun out approaching turn one, Vincent took the early lead with many getting stuck around turn one as a pile up developed while Mark Glenister, Alan Tarn, Mark Holdsworth and Danny Hunt met up inside the pit bend. The defending champion, Colin Farley, ended up in the wreckage early on, but the previous winner, East Anglian driver Gary Madgwick, took up the running when he took the lead midway. He didn't count on Alan Reed living up to his name, Speedy, as he punted Magic toward the fence on turn two to take over at the front, while Jenny Holliday was getting some attention on the home straight from Firecracker winner Chris Reed, with followups from Farley and David King. With the laps running down and the cars running out, Speedy ran away with the title, Mark Welland and Steve Ovett following at a distance as Madgwick began to fail, finally finishing in fifth spot behind Danny Hunt. The race finished with a real bang when Ovett was followed in on turn three by Shaun Rushdon.

Madgwick made up for his faults in the sixth event, which was a Banger All-in race with event 7 cancelled, which gave us a 59 car start. Many of these ended up wrecked on the pit bend or black flagged for running on the grass, while the race itself saw Madgwick take the win at the expense of a nailing of Chris Reed by Mark Rogers on the gate turn, though Reed managed to hold onto second spot with only six cars finishing legitimately. The Destruction Derby was a very quick affair with only 17 cars left with Martin "Bruno" Brunson pulling another victory off for TSR after he and Danny Hunt managed to survive the field, the other runners, Dan Harris of the South West Racing Club and Robert Rose, a Foxhall regular, were ruled as being dead too long. Hunt was given second spot.

Honourable mention has to be made of Alex Artiss in the saloons who managed to pin down a win in the second race and pin down Mark Bloss in an awesome t-bone in the first race after he was tapped onto the infield by Bloss, and also put up a fight in the London Championship final, both of these races won by Steven Jackson. Also mention to third place driver Steve O'Dell who was seen putting his car to good use before the race, pushing wrecked Bangers off the track!

1 Support Bangers 1   82 Paul Tompkins  /510/245/22/314/152/M202/B295/N126 NOCR
2 Support Bangers 2 T287 Paul Totham    /183/320/670/R62/595 NOCR
3 Stock Cars 1       376 Steven Jackson /72/306/501/19/447/426/472/256/71
4 Bangers FINAL      T88 Alan Reed      /264/207/A382/33/B751/M332/41
5 Stock Cars 2       182 Alex Artiss    /376/510/71/426/371/72/306/22/447
6 Bangers 1           33 Gary Madgwick  /M332/314/A382/245/6 NOCR
7 Bangers 2         **** Race cancelled ****
8 Stock Cars FINAL   376 Steven Jackson /19/71/72/256/309/9/426/371/22
9 Bangers DD        T537 Martin Brunson /382 NOCR


A - Autospeed (South West)
B - Buxton (Hi-Edge)
M - Matchams (Ringwood)
N - Northampton (Brafield)
R - RDC (Mildenhall/Swindon)

Result subject to confirmation by promotion