MANV 1202 Dub

Cert 18

Vampire Wars

A load of blurb about intrigue between NASA and the CIA, the French Secret Service and an unknown force. It then goes on to introduce the hero of the piece, Kuki (hooo boy!) and his charge, Lamia. It sums up with:- "Watch this classic adventure of babes, bullets and blood...". Excuse me, but I have written things far worse than this in my time and probably more politically incorrect, but I seldom parade it in public!!!

Large man, seemingly indestructible, barrels around Paris shooting people. Oh yes, and there is the intrigue of the vampire and the girl who is being stalked by it, and yes she does get mildly interesting when her link to the vampire is explained, but I've seen too many of this type of anime to get worked up. Animation is reasonable, the dub is from those wacky folk at CTV in Cardiff who, as usual, have found new and exciting ways of working the word "cocksucker" into the script.

Lame. Totally lame. This is not a million miles from every other anime that Mangle has released this year, the subtitled releases excepted. It is crude, badly dubbed and an insult to any fan who takes anime seriously enough to know that there is more to anime than just beat em ups. For the fight fans who might catch this review, get this one and blow your brains out! For the saner amongst us though, don't even get your barge pole involved.

[1 star]

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