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Battle Arena Toshinden

This anime was up against it as far as I was concerned from the moment I realised what it was. It's a games adaptation, courtesy of Masami Obari, who first came to my notice as part of the Bubblegum Crisis production staff. Unfortunately, since then, the sort of stuff he seems to have concentrated on is this awful corporate claptrap which only exists to push the game that it tries to emulate.

It starts with a lot of explosions, followed by a series of fights. Only once that is out of the way (which takes some doing!) do we actually learn why this has happened. It appears that Eiji's brother Sho has gone bad in this totally formula fight fest that would try the patience of all but the most hardened beat-em-up fan.

The animation art is newtype to the hilt, including improbable spikey hair on all the major charas, a token kawaii knife thrower, impossibly empowered supervillians who keep coming back from the dead, and the weakest storyline I have seen since Angel Cop. This is a total waste of a DVD, in my view, and my own embarrassment that I ever put out for such a title. If you like fights, go get the game, it has more literary insight than this sorry compilation.

[1 star]

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