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MANV 1191 Dub

Cert 15

Tokyo Revelation

The world of devils and computer programs are linked as a school wimp turns to evil to get a bit of revenge by helping the demon world in its quest for magnetite. Unfortunately, the source of this stuff is humans, and he just blew into hometown Japan looking for a sh*tload...

The film starts on an air liner which promptly explodes, which sets the tone for the entire anime. Akito (probably Akihito if the pronunciation is actually correct for a change) has come home and joins a school to take class with a friend from his kinder years. The number of charas involved is a little large, but stick with it because they all play a part somewhere. The story starts with demon possessions and mystical incantations as well as the obligatory precognitive, this time a young girl with very odd fashion sense (seems to be the thing ATM), and finishes with large scale battles and destruction, with the substory of the friendship between Kojiro and Aki-whatever.

Does anyone remember Digital Devil? It starts in a similar way, though the story is far more developed in this than DD, though the ending is very different, though I challenge anyone to watch this and not spot the similarities, assuming that you have seen DD first. The animation is typical, fairly smooth, and the dub is a Hero-side one and not too bad at that. Hardly Earth-shattering stuff, but a reasonable little ditty.

[3 stars]

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