Pioneer Pioneer
PIO 10036

Cert 15

PIDA 1390V THX/Dolby A3 Regions 1/4

Tenchi the Movie (Tenchi Muyo In Love)

I can't believe I hadn't done the review of this but when I tried to look it up after getting the DVD, lo and behold, it was missing! Oh well...

For those lucky few (in the UK) that have already had experience of the Tenchi TV series, this is a treat for you. For those who haven't, well, this isn't a bad film if you allow little differences to slide a bit. For example, don't worry too much about the appearance in a big way of Kiyone, previously seen in the midst of a wrecked universe destroyer in the Mihoshi Special; when Pioneer release the TV series in the UK, all will become clear! (I hope.. ^^;;;)

Anyhooo... the story all starts when the Galactic Police headquarters (the thing that looks like an assemblage of bicycle rims) suddenly disappears, Tenchi seemingly threatening to do so soon afterwards. It all seems to be down to someone playing with time, though the game has a deadly purpose, this certain somebody seeming to be intent on making Tenchi's mother, Achika, disappear, thus Tenchi and friends would also poof into nothingness unless Achika can be saved from this mysterious Kain someone.

As stories go, it is a little stock in places, the usual arguments and pratfalls that you expect in the Tenchiverse, but the story surrounding Achika and Noboyuki isn't too bad, indeed in some ways touching. Music by Christopher Franke compliments the film well, which though not as cleanely drawn as some of the OAV's, has a good flow to it and is not displeasing to the eye. I know that some folk hate one series or the other, but I feel this film has a lot to offer both sets of fans as well as the folk who just can't get enough of Tenchi Muyo in all its forms. Can't fault it really!

[5 stars]

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