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Cert PG/12

Pioneer LDCA
PIDA 1001V
Regions: 1, 4


Tenchi Masaki is a boy of mixed fortunes. In the first series (tapes 1 to 4) he found out that he was related to an ancient lineage not of this world, meets a cousin, a well-preserved demon, a dotty space policewoman and a mad scientist, moves house (literally) and defeats a space baddy called Kagato. Now he is stuck in a house with all of the above women (plus a young girl and a "cabbit"; a half-cat, half-rabbit, half-spaceship) all of whom seem, in their own ways, to have the hots for him!

Part eight concerns the arrival of baby Taro for an extended visit to the Masaki household. Anyone with baby experience should relate to this one! Part nine concerns the return to that quaint holiday hotel and onsen by the group. This time they have to repair the damage! However, there seems to be a problem with a ghost... Part ten concerns the danger of toying with a cabbits' emotions, part eleven is about an attempt to arrange a meeting with Washu via Ryoko (or is it?), the end of which is portrayed in part twelve, and part thirteen introduces Sasami and Ayeka's parents, who are probably more over the top than the younger girls! The Mihoshi special is a separate tale about a mission that Mihoshi and partner Kiyone undertake, with parts played by the cast and introducing Magical Girl Pretty Sammy (or Samy as it appears on a lot of the merchadise), of whom we shall, no doubt, hear more of in the future!

I enjoyed it. Although the art details in the Mihoshi special seemed a bit odd in places (especially half and full profile shots), the straight OAV storyline was a real pickup after the indifferent "Night before" episode that concluded the previous series, and introduced some more wrinkles into the charas that should be fun to explore should they make a further OAV series (I'm discounting the TV series and film for now). Surprisingly for Pioneer, some of the dubs were a little stilted in places, but that was not too bad compared with some recent attempts from certain other sources, though I still should prefer that Pioneer would leave the OST intact rather than re-dub them as I love some of the original songs. The OP for the special sounds very strained to me in its dubbed form as though it was a struggle to get the thing to scan. And I am definately NOT a fan of the title design at the end of the OAV's!! Otherwise, great!

You may notice that I imported the OAV DVD set, which allowed me to get to see the sub for the first time. It proved a real problem as the early "special edition" pressing had plenty of bugs on it, something that was resolved by Pioneer repressing the master. (The early pressing was the "Limited edition" version which included a numbered card.) As seems to be the case with all the anime houses, there seemed to be a learning curve with early releases with Pioneer, though the result is certainly worth the effort. I just hope that one day this might get a UK release so that the thousands of CNUK fans will have a chance to see the whole series without the cuts...

[5 stars]

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