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Tekken - The Motion Picture

Based on the Namco Fighting Game, the film is based around the Mishima family, in particular father and son who in years gone by had reason to... er... fall out! Actually father threw son off a cliff as a training exercise (no, the pit was NOT filled with cats, nor did son have fish sausages tied to him!) The idea was that son would climb back up if he was strong enough. Enter a lost little girl who grew up with this knowledge which came back to haunt her and you have the background to the initial story, which from there on looked so much like Enter The Dragon that it was scary.

Actually this was a far better games adaptation than most that I have had the misfortune to watch, though I felt the dinosaurs a little unnecessary and the side plot with the Russian brick-outhouse and his sick little girl companion to be a bit PC for my liking. Some of the music used was also a little out of place though a fair amount of it would appeal to the beat-em-up fans, especially a well-'ard thrash at the end of the movie!

I can't actually say that I loved this film, since beat-em-ups aren't my particular forte, but as it went it did have a vestige of a storyline, though fight-fans might be a little disappoionted by the relative lack of big fight scenes, most of them being cut to from elsewhere and mostly over, with blood flowing and so forth.

[4 stars]

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