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Tenchi the Movie 2 (Daughter of Darkness)

Following on from the release on the first film, Daughter of Darkness is a story about a young girl and her dad. Trouble is that the father in question happens to be Tenchi, and even Washu can't work out the identity of the mother! You can imagine the initial reaction, but as time goes on Mayuka is accepted into the fold. All except Ryoko, whose initial jealousy turns to suspicion of another sort when things start happening between Tenchi and Mayuka that the girl is unable to explain. Meanwhile, it is Startica on Jurai...

If that last reference was a little vague, then blame it on the many references to Startica and its Earthly counterpart, Christmas, during this little adventure. And little adventure it is as the Masaki harem go through the motions of accepting Mayuka in their own way, only by the end becoming aware of possible danger, and only then does the almost soap like story get seriously action packed. Actually, it is a little odd to refer to this as a movie, the whole thing barely fifteen minutes longer than the fourth OVA, The Night Before the Carnival, but a reasonable story nevertheless.

DVD owners will be in for a treat with this one as the disk also contains a very thorough work known as the "Tenchi Encyclopedia" which goes into depth on the subject of all things Jurian including the ships, keys and people, Tenchi and family, even the differences between OVA and TV series. A well put together item, in fact!

Overall, the film is a bit too light on action, plot and substance for me, but it is reasonable and is worth watching, especially if you happen to be a Tenchi fan.

[4 stars]

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