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MANV 1203 Dub

Cert 18

Sword For Truth

"The Best Sword Fighting Action since Ninja Scroll"... I suppose that Mangle have to say something like that. The cover is suitably gory and the copy is too. It tells of the Shoguns and their rule before it launches into the usual hype about a lone samurai rescuing the hapless female from the vicious ninjas...

The story is essentially about one samurai, Shuranosuke. An unstoppable killing machine who, as is normal with samurai, goes about the place being hired to do various deeds that ordinary folk wouldn't dream of. Seemingly with one stroke of his blade he can defeat any ninja or monster he might happen across. The whole story starts one night when a giant tiger escapes from a circus and starts tearing into the prime of the Tokugawa guard. Having killed the tiger, it isn't long before he gets hired out to sort out the real cause of the disturbance, the kidnap of the Princess Mayu from the Seki Ninja...

This video is touted as the best sword action since Ninja Scroll. Certainly I wouldn't dare to question that since the only sword action that springs to mind since then that I have seen was Kabuto which was dire and The Dagger of Kamui which isn't on release in the UK anyway. Certainly this outstrips Kabuto but it relies heavily on single stroke killing rather than full battles. In that much, Ninja Scroll is by far the better of the two (and if you are interested, The Dagger of Kamui is too). As for story, this tome cuts off too quickly with too much unfinished which probably means that a sequel is either on its way or, like RG Veda, it never got finished. You'll probably get more out of the Manga site about it, I for one cannot be bothered to look. Overall, it's good for gore fans since it has blood aplenty, but if you are looking for the real thing, go find Ninja Scroll instead.

[2 stars]

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