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MANV 1189 Dub

Cert 12

Shadow Skill - The Movie

So here we have the movie of the OAV of the manga (or maybe in a different order, but who cares?) I suppose with Mangle's "Mean & Mer-Canary" (sic) label on it, I had to expect lots of fights and blood everywhere. Actually, the film can be easily split into three stories surrounding Ella Ragu (no, not a type of Italian sauce!) and her adopted brother Gau. The first concerns the adoption of Gau and his reluctance to show emotion, the second is where the two along with tag-along Fowari meet up with the last surviving member of a defeated force and help her in her quest to kill a very large demon, and the last concerns a long-outstanding rivalry between Ella and Fowari concerning Fowari's master and his death. Each end in a fight scene (hence the M&M monika!) accompanied with various skills and magics. I suppose this might go down well with the games fanatics; it bears much similarity to Mortal Kombat and so forth, but I wasn't so impressed. Goodness knows, I've bitched enough about games crossovers for anyone to know my opinion of the genre, and this doesn't go any way to convincing me otherwise. Having said that, it is barely watchable, and some of the charas are quite kawai.

[3 stars]

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