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Blue Sonnet

A word of explanation here. I have no intention of buying the UK Manga Video dubbed issue. Why? Because I already have the import!

A group of people known as "Talon" has created a weapon called Blue Sonnet. She is a cyborg with amazing powers, who is now being used to track a creature known as Red Fang, supposedly contained within a young Japanese girl named Lan. Orphan Lan is showing some signs of psychic power, but has no real control over them, so she thinks, and they aren't much anyway, so she thinks. But Dr. Merikus, Sonnet's "creator" knows different, and wants the secret of Red Fang...

A reasonable animation about a young girl trying to come to terms with a past that, by any standards, was unusual; a rivalry between Sonnet and Lan in the pursuit of a goal that Lan has no knowledge of; a few bits of violence, a couple of cringe-making scenes with Lan's younger "brother" who inherits a telepathic ability after a blood transfusion, and another mystery character who gets the nickname of Bird, though he is not what he seems.

The animation was OK, the story had its moments. I have seen plenty worse than this series, though it is hardly mold breaking stuff, and it is let down by some grinding cliches in places, not least the Sonnet/Fang showdown, but then that's anime! What the MV dub is like, I don't know and I don't care, though the Studio Nemo subs on this USMC version are a little on the obtrusive side of big, though hardly USR sized! A good "between-big-stuff" anime.

[3 stars]

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