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Slayers - The Motion Picture

This is going to be difficult! I have to give a reasonable review after a certain amount of slagging has been done in another place about Slayers, in particular the ADV release. Ah well, I'll explain later.

Meanwhile, what we have here is a story about two sorceresses. Naga is a big, busty type who rivals Lina, a cute yet underendowed type. Lina, however, seems to be followed by a legend which unflatteringly says something about a girl with small breasts fulfilling some prophecy. Boobies aside, things start happening when Lina is dragged across to an island called Mipross by Naga, the hot springs fiend, especially as the pair of them first start getting attacked by baddies that number themselves according to their strength on the island, all apparently wearing jellyfish on their heads, then they find that Mipross isn't all that they expected of it.

There's time travel involved, and elves, and nasty demons and so forth, and to my surprise a little aside in the dub when Naga is befriended by three "slime-halfs". The story is a little disjointed in places but it has its moments. Unfortunately, this is where I run into the previously mentioned slagging.

One of the running gags in Slayers is the size of Lina's breasts. It appears that ADV, for whatever reason, has chosen to play down these gags. As a result, there was some discussion about ADV and the motives behind this on the UK anime Usenet group which led eventually to some seriously harsh words about the release, the translation and the company. This makes it very difficult to write here my feelings about the anime without being influenced by that discussion (in many ways, the whole business was worse than spoilers!)

Suffice to say, without dragging out that argument here, that I deplore any attempt to edit a legitimate part of a release just to please the politically correct of this world, though I also do not agree with the gratuitous adding of extra profanity in order to attract the morally naive. I enjoyed what I saw, though I would probably enjoyed it more with a fresh view to it.

That aside, I did enjoy it. It isn't totally original, in fact I was rather annoyed at one point when I started recognising charas from El Hazard among the cast, though as I said the slime-halfs were a novelty! The story wasn't bad overall, just spoiled in places by violent cuts which could have been avoided, especially the dream sequences and the opening of the time-portal. Unless you are wont to picking anime to pieces in a quest for deeper understanding, it's a reasonable anime.

[4 stars]

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