Lurkers' Retreat
KIS 94056

Cert 15

Roots Search

Take the movies Alien and cross it with Gatchaman and you have Roots Search. Seems a simplification to do that, but that is what this number from Kiseki/USMC is like, though with infinately more tentacles. The result of a human infested satellite bringing an alien out of a passing wreck was that the alien decides to have a go at wiping out the entire crew, using various methods including hallucinations, telekinesis and tentacles to do it. The animation is a little retro (not always a bad thing) and the story is a little light but the thing that spoilt it for me was the incredibly cliched ending which had me reaching for my sick bag (no, not because it was gory!) I had the honour of reviewing this while logged into irc, so the folks at #anime on ircnet got my first reactions, which were promising to start with, and believe me it was an interesting way to review a video!! (To the folks there including infyrana, Locke and Fluffy and anyone else who I may have missed, hiya!! ^_^) As for the anime, it is better than Odin but that isn't saying an awful lot!

[2 stars]

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