Lurkers' Retreat
ADV Films
VHSPD/001D Dub

Cert  12


The video starts off with a large chunk of exposition text, most of which also appears on the cover. The PowerDolls, or Dolls as they are mostly referred to (not to be confused with any other dolls, such as ones with pizza-based controllers), are an all-female group of mecha-driving commando types, stuck in a war to free themselves from the tyranny of the Terran forces; you may have gathered from that that this is set on another planet. The story here moves onto the assignment to disable a weapons factory by cutting off the power by destroying a hydro-electric dam above the village where one of the Dolls had grown up, and where she had lost her father.

Twenty-eight minutes of nothing special. The story seemed a little abrupt at the start, almost as though something had been cut off the start, as two of the Dolls fight to recover a damaged "loader" and a couple of war orphans. A straight forward story of a group of people with different backgrounds trying to work together in spite of themselves, a number of similes present themselves to me when trying to describe the whole story. The mecha are fairly typical, similar to the Orguss decimators in appearance, or a souped up version of the BGC K-12 battle armour, or indeed the training mecha from Gunbuster, while the charas could have been hand picked from titles from GB to Moldiver and all points between.

As I have said, it isn't special, but it is a competant anime of the type. The animation is typical of later anime; the styling is very much after the Moldiver model, the lead chara possibly even resembling Mirai in more than just looks, while her sidekicks could be updates from Gall Force (including a long haired version of Catty?!?) and a leader that could be construed as a cross between Sylia Stingray and Priss Asagiri, complete with blonde wig! The dub is typical ADV, which is fairly competant though the cracks showed in places. I can't say that I can rave about this one, but it's harmless enough.

[3 stars]

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